Out of the Blue…

…we’re in Bucharest! This new job certainly throws up some surprises!

On Sunday evening we got a message from one of the Russian owners of this complex… would we like to accompany him to see another of their complexes on the Romanian Black Sea coast, compare how that is working with what we are planning, and discuss some of their planned entertainments with a view to exchanging some of the acts once we are fully functional back in Portugal? And ‘Maybe you guys could do a session there in the future?‘ Well, not without moving a whole load of our kit back and forth cross Europe, or making up yet another set… but who knows…

(In that vintage circus pic, the top guy is holding their combined weight with his teeth… we only manage one person!)

And so, it was over the border to Spain (20 minutes) and then on to Malaga airport, where a Romanian airline called Blue Air took us direct to Bucharest, where we’ve had a day sightseeing – Ceausescu’s famous palace, now the Romanian parliament and the second biggest building in the world after the Pentagon – while the Russian transacted some ‘shady’ business in the city.

Tomorrow we take the train east to the coast. This new job is certainly one for springing surprises! Alf and Seb are still fixing up the second gym back in the Algarve, but there won’t be any paying clients and therefore no-one to train or entertain there until the day after we return from our six-week ‘finale’ in Tennessee in the middle of July.

Romanian people are very friendly, especially when they see two Brit guys with faint American accents staring at a tourist map which bears little resemblance to what is on the ground, and struggling to buy bus rides using a strange plastic card which has to be presented to a reader in a special way when the instructions are only available in Romanian! Fun! I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile – on with our ‘usual’ show – fitness inspiration (and book adverts)!

And, finally, now you’re past the book adverts, something to try…


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