Nomads and Shape Shifters…

I intended to post this last Friday, but actually forgot to complete the process! By now, we’re back in Portugal… next post will give an update. Two days late, then, here it is…

Today’s Gallery Theme… ‘Treasure Chests’

I take a lot of pleasure in winding people up – you may have noticed! Since the internet offers scope for anonymity, it’s inevitable that the question ‘Are you real?’ comes up from time to time. I’m fond of saying ‘Ah, you’ve seen through my cunning ploy – I am in fact a 7o-year-old obese Bulgarian tram driver…’

Well – full circle. I’m within a few hundred metres of the Bulgarian border at a place called Vama Veche, so I’ve just got to learn to drive the tram now. Been on one in Bucharest this week – looks easy enough… So now to put on some weight (easy with the food here), and job done!

Actually, we are on Romania’s rather short piece of coastline on the Black Sea, at one of our employer’s other resort complexes. Not so much flesh on display today compared with expectations (“naturist-friendly”) as it is raining on and off. But, like ‘ours’ back in Portugal, it has pools, a gym, an arena for entertainments, apartments, restaurants, and other leisure areas. We’re here to make comparisons with what is being constructed back in the Algarve, and to meet the gym and entertainments teams to compare experience and (hopefully) to identify the good points and where improvements can be made.

The ‘entertainments’ people here are strictly managers and don’t perform themselves, but have huge numbers of contracts in nearby Bulgaria, Ukraine and in Russia – and not just acrobats, for which these places are well known. The thinking is that artistes might be more willing to sign up if there are two or more venues on offer, especially if, between us, we could involve and include some venues like night clubs in between us (across central Europe) – quite an interesting challenge!

It’s been going well. We go ‘home’ tomorrow via Bucharest Otopeni and Malaga airports with our Russian boss, who seems to have more confidence in our organisational abilities than we do! After all, we were hired to run two gyms and do a bit of acrobatics… but we’re giving it a go, and it’s fun. And the rest of our own sideshow ‘equipment’ has apparently arrived from our base in Wales whilst we’ve been away…

Meanwhile, our ‘Nomadism’ continues, as we shall head back to Tennessee on Wednesday ahead of six weeks of summer-camp entertainment duties with family and friends, before returning to Portugal “permanently”… or not… we’ll have to see.

So. The theme(s) of these books still occupy a lot of our lives. I haven’t mentioned the ‘gay love’ bit recently, but since it is always ‘Dave and I’ rather than ‘some girl and I’ in this blog, you probably got that figured. I’ll post ‘gay couple’ pix another time – for today, back to the single built guys…:



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