Thank goodness some things in life are constant – like me and Dave! Just now, things seem to be unravelling all around us. First of all, we’re back in Portugal after ‘inspecting’ another resort complex owned by the company in Romania. We’ve learned to expect a few things in our new job – unpredictable customer volumes in the gym, with some weeks being overcrowded and other weeks no-one really wanting to use it (although the pool seems always popular!)…

…a high rate of damage to fitness equipment (which we thought was almost impregnable), rude ‘customers’, inappropriate behaviour – yes, its a partly naturist place, but really… in the gym??? With other customers wandering in?

Seriously, it was a useful lesson, and we’ve made good contacts in terms of ‘exchanging’ artistes for the entertainment side (maybe even ourselves, once in a while!). Bosses seem happy…

Activity here is winding down – no paying guests until six weeks time, when we return from the States for good. Alf and Seb are also taking time off but will keep things ticking over most of the time while we’re away – then it will be all hands to the pumps.

So, we leave on Wednesday – via UK (parents!), where everything is falling apart. Faro to London, then (next evening) London to Chicago (all British Airways) and finally American to Knoxville. And BA systems fell totally apart over the weekend – all flights cancelled because the computers wouldn’t function. Hope our reservations are safe…

And then there was Manchester. Enough said by others about that, I think. But some of the stories are heart-wrenching.

Politically, the Tory landslide predicted has turned into the possibility that the country will have a Marxist (or is it Leninist?) prime minister waiting to spend non-existent money on feather-bedding idle “workers” and nationalising everything after June 8th. Heaven forbid. Sadly, we don’t qualify for a vote. And, no, we didn’t vote for Trump either.

Done a lot of preparation ready for the summer camps in Tennessee, and we hear the kids and our colleagues have been doing likewise. Lots of shirtless fun to be had there, we hope…

No time to get our performances and presentations all ‘together’ properly, so fingers crossed that all that doesn’t ‘unravel’ either!

(That is a seriously odd move, I have to say… and it’s not us!)

Some aspects of what we do don’t really need rehearsal, of course: once you’ve ‘got it’, job done! Guess we’ll get by: at the summer camps, our job is to keep the American youth happy in the great outdoors…

…some are easily satisfied (like, ‘just get them wet!’), others seem to present a bigger challenge to get them to ‘come off the fence’…

…perhaps not the best group to suggest ‘a good book’ to!

Anyway, that’s enough ‘ravelling’ (if there is such a word. let me entertain you a little more with some fitness inspiration instead…

Finally, a gentleman suitably dressed (or even a little overdressed!) for our gym!


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