In Denial

Well, it is strange to be back in the country which has been our home for the past 17 years. ‘Back home’ after sampling life in southern Europe, and rather liking it. Liking it so much, in fact, that after another six weeks we’ll be going back there, and possibly for good. Well, for a good while, at any rate! Back to the land of low humidity when the sun is shining, unlike here! Here one constantly feels the urge to jump in some cool water (well, in the summer, for sure!). There – well, we’ll do it anyway!

My body wants to sleep, but my brain is wide awake. That’s what a six-hour time shift does for you. So while Dave tries for some additional sleep in bed, I’m slumped under a tree, thinking. Just like the boy who opens my forthcoming new novel, actually – keep an eye open for news of ‘Let the Future Find Me’, currently in production!

Thinking of something cool!

This evening, a very warm welcome from our mates (gay) at the private gym awaits us. For now, I’ve just been thinking about this place. We’ve arrived back on the day after Trump withdrew the country from the Paris Climate Change Agreement – joining Syria and Nicaragua. He’s promoting re-opening coal mines in Pennsylvania and firing up old polluting blast furnaces – America First, and sod the rest of humanity. He’s not the only one in denial. Half of Tennessee – the ‘rednecks’ who so strongly support him – are in denial too. They think his stand against the evil machinations of ‘the rest of the world’ is great for the country… all we can say is ‘thank goodness we’re going back to Portugal’, and let’s hope that we can get our kids and the rest of our extended group of family and friends out before the apocalypse!!

Everything seems to be turning upside down, and ever more pear-shaped.

Even some of our close friends are Trump supporters! They do seem to have a brain, but…

Fortunately, when we share with them what we love to do, politics is definitely off the agenda…

…not forgetting quite a bit of this as well…

…all of which you may check out for yourselves by clicking on one of these links and following the trail!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Meanwhile, Dave and I are still slightly in denial ourselves – in denial that we’ve taken the big decision to bail out of the USA and leave our 15yo kids behind. 15yo kids who are 50% American (their mums) and 50% British (us), born here in TN and following in our acrobatic and fitness footsteps. Still in school, they can only visit us briefly (two weeks in July after the summer camp commitments end, for a start – they’ll fly over with us and team up with some friends from UK)… a wrench for all of us, but in a couple of years they’ll want to fly the nest anyway and who knows where they’ll go? Still, it’s hard…

Cheer ourselves up with some more fitness images, I think. Training together always cheers you up!

…even if your gym is a bit tumbledown…

We don’t box, or even wrestle in a ring very often, but this place looks kewl…

And, of course, where we’re going to be, we do have a beach! Less than 3 miles away instead of hundreds, as here…

Every which way, sharing the fun and having reliable and honest companions is the key…

…and, at the end of the day, after the sweat from training and the refreshing shower after…

…sharing with that special someone…

I think that we can live with the overt racism of the southern USA, the negative attitude towards gays, and even with Trump, for just six more weeks. Family time with the kids and their fit mates at the summer camp. School’s out Tuesday until 31st July. We travel Wednesday and camp starts Thursday. Can’t wait! And to occupy the time, we’re still in daily communication with our new employers, as our ‘staff’ Alfredo and Seb continue putting the finishing touches to our new facilities.

Leo and Jamie will be back from school shortly – we’ve not seen them (except through Skype) for six weeks. I sense some challenges ahead…

Both they, and us, will need to prove we’ve not been slacking… and that we’re ready for performances together in just a few days!

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2 Responses to In Denial

  1. ral andrews says:

    note – nicaragua opted not to sign the paris climate accord because it didn’t go far enough…shame to lump that country with thise two roque states, america & syria…

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Yes, you are quite right, and I was misinformed. Sincere apologies to all Nicaraguans who may read this post. Indeed, the rogue states are just Syria (which had other things on its mind) and now the USA. Ma culpa. Thanks, Ral for pointing this out,

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