Gyms and their changing rooms – places where good friends meet up to share their common fitness interests. So it is for us – re-engaging with all our fitness mates hereabouts in TN. There are, of course, eight other special guys with whom Dave and I have quickly ‘re-engaged’: our fellow ‘confederates’ of Tuan Jie, a unique group of ten gay guys prepared to share not only their training but their love, in complete security of knowing that no-one has engaged in any ‘acts’ outside the circle.

All ten of us duly assembled at Ron’s gym last evening, and were given exclusive use of the smaller room for a couple of hours, in order to have us ‘let our hair down’ with weights, wrestling (oil and the rest) and then our typical gay enjoyment. How this wonderful relationship will last with Dave and I ‘gone for ever’, as Zach sadly puts it, remains to be seen. We shall certainly welcome any of them as guests – and possibly guest performers – at our new ‘home’ in Portugal. A queue is already forming!

A reunion of equal – if not greater – importance is with our kids (and, OK, with their mums too!). We now have eight weeks with Jaymee and Leo (the last two with us in Portugal) before they have to return to school. I have to remind myself that they encouraged us to take the Portugal job – and also that they fully intend to spend as much of their time with us as  the school timetable allows. Not least – they want to come as performers too!

One interesting thing is that Jaymee has now come to terms with her developed body and trains with the boys again au naturel after going through a period of great demureness. We’ve always been a combined family ‘being comfortable in our skins’ with so much physical training to do and, since Leo’s best friend Chris regards himself as Jaymee’s boyfriend, he’s very happy to train with her. Leo likewise with Karla – and all four are on the summer camp expedition which starts Thursday. Outdoor gym and acrobatics for the teen campers…

…wrestling likewise…

…generally fun in the great outdoors for all…

We’re unlikely to have much time for reading… but you might…

…if you want to try that, at least use my books!!

And, having slipped that one in quickly, let us all have a reunion with some great bodies, illustrating the importance of fitness programmes for us guys!

Note the routine instructions on the white board!


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