Some Days in the Gym

A few days in our former home in Tennessee means not only time in the private gym (see previous post!) but some time to catch up with the lads we used to teach gymnastics to…

Some of them have come on very well, so let’s celebrate with a few more gymnastics images:

And, after ten shots of gymnast boys, one from the ballet school…

…and perhaps a little more stretching…

Yes, even just touching your toes (with straight legs) counts as a good stretch!

We had ‘a good stretch’ here in TN – 17 years in fact. In that time we’ve discovered our gay love, trained as acrobats and latterly as ‘fakirs’ too done loads of shows and some circus, and had plenty of adventures along the way. Most of all, we’ve made loads of great friends, and formed a special bond with eight other gay guys, so close that we have sworn to celibacy except within that group, which has kept us all ‘safe’ from STDs. It’s going to be hard – real hard – to give all t hat up, and perhaps that last thing – the Tuan Jie group rules, we will try to preserve. However, depending on who we meet in our new situation, our mates have made it clear that Tuan Jie is not ‘for life’ if things change. So long as we’re honest, and get a test before getting back together… who knows what the future holds?

For more info on what our past held, look no further:

And now, keeping the gym theme, it’s great results in the weights gym for the rest of today’s picture:

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