From the Great Outdoors…

So we are now at Summer Camp, fulfilling our obligation to provide “instruction and entertainment” to some less than fully -fit young teens! And enjoying it, as I knew we would. Warm weather, wild swimming, open-air fitness, acrobatics and gym classes, some elements of our shows which don’t teach them bad things (so we don’t plan to work on broken glass here… well, except just maybe once at the end)…

…some camp fires and, overnight, our ‘camping bus’ which has been around the country several times conveying us between shows and is now on its last legs mechanically. Maybe we won’t be doing much of that any more.

Did I mention wrestling amongst the ‘fitness’ items…

Not sure if posing on top of a pile of lumber for the fire is such a great idea, but it makes a nice pic…

…and shows nice flexibility too.

Before leaving we ‘enjoyed’ an evening helping Cody to entertain some his dubious ‘S & M’ guests – firstly with acrobatics and the fakir show and afterwards letting him beat us up (and tie us up). We had the fire-breathing girls with us and also son Leo and his mate Chris who both begged to be allowed to remain for the (shall we say) ‘more adult’ part. So proud of their bodies and their toughness…

…probably we shouldn’t have allowed it, but anyway we did. Any chance to get sweaty…

…or try training new stuff…

…and they’re in there.

Well. I started putting this together on Thursday, and it is now Sunday. One of the dis-benefits of being out in the wild… no WiFi! There’s been enough time to read several books – one could do worse than start with these…!

 Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

So, in the meantime – we have done a lot of ‘wild swimming’ ourselves (dawn, before the kids wake up, and therefore au naturel), offering fitness training sessions in which our kids (inevitably) excel and show the other kids how it should all be done, introducing some simple acrobatics and generally enjoying ourselves. We can do more of that here, now, with some further images inspiring fitness. Enjoy.

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