“Here’s One I Prepared Earlier…”

The title of this post fits this picture, I think… but it also reminds me of children’s TV and those things you were always encouraged to make “out of sticky-backed plastic”. In this case, it is because we are living for a few weeks in the backwoods at summer camp here in TN with no WiFi, so when I got the chance to get a signal I prepared this post in advance and uploaded it to go out at noon on Monday. So we’ll see if it works!

Some more ‘preparation’:

Regular readers might notice that we are in the gym in Chelyabinsk with these pictures: let’s have a couple more:

Attentive gymnast boys – that’s what I like to see! Bit of a tough guy, their coach…

…but, today, our lake swimming is in a warm place, with daytime temperatures in the 90’sF! Here at summer camp, we are tending to go to bed when it gets dark and get up when it gets light, so that’s currently rather early. We’ve parked the camping bus in a discreet place by the lake away from the visiting kids (who are all still sleeping at that hour anyway), so it’s straight out of the bunk and into the water – skinny dipping all round. There are two guys – 18yo I think – who are helping with wrestling (their High School sport) and who are camping in a tent near us – and Leo and Chris have palled up such that they are now sharing the rather roomy tent with those lads – who are also quickly into our ‘naturist’ ways of exercising after an initial surprise!

Other sorts of water-based fun are set up for the real ‘campers’ – the kids whose families pay to get rid of them for a week or two in the school vacation(!)…

Plus acrobatics – sometimes both at once…

Not that we don’t encourage handstands in the snow, when available…

However, this is a summer camp. The two ‘collegiate-style’ wrestling lads have quickly converted to shirtless ‘folk’ wrestling under our malign influence (!), as here…

Even in their indoor collegiate competitions, wrestlers often push down their leotards in public anyway to cool off…

…thereby giving the lie to the notion that no American lad these days like to show a bare chest! Since neither we nor our boys have worn a shirt since arriving here, we’re definitely setting the trend!

No such inhibitions from these Russian lads in their bar workout!

Jaymee and Karla, with Leo and Chris, showed off their acrobatic routines last evening and so encouraged a lot of envious kids to show up for the acrobatic sessions this morning. All we want is enthusiasm and a willingness to give things a try. I’m always saying, anyone can do handstands provided they put in the practice after getting a bit of guidance!

The one-arm, of course, takes a bit more work, while doing it with a partner offers an interesting challenge…

By the time this post gets published, Zach and Ethan should have joined us for a few days while their respective partners are otherwise engaged – Gary working in the banking world again (but still training his virtuoso extreme martial arts) and Jack with family in Canada because of his father’s illness. So Zach and Ethan will be joining us in the camping bus (not too overcrowded now that Leo and Chris have bailed out for a while) and, as far as Dave and I are concerned, an opportunity to share some (gay) fun with them as well as to enlarge our own acrobatics options…

…and, maybe, both at once! …

So, there we are. My usual request now to support the blog through book purchases… all of the above themes are in there – click on one of the covers which you see below for more information, and remember that all purchases put bread in our mouths and allow me to keep on writing (yes, Let the Future Find Me, unrelated to the first three, is in production, and another is coming together in my head!).

Some final ‘fitness inspiration’ to make up our customary 20 images follows. Enjoy.

And a final ‘outdoor’ one, since we are in summer camp!


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