Four of a Kind (or of three kinds, even!)

Four young gymnasts there, training their bodies hard. Four of a kind – but not ne f the kinds I really had in mind for this post! But, having started that trend, here’s another four determined young lads…

But we’re away from the gym and from our new leisure-complex jobs… we’re at summer camp, entertaining the happy young campers and trying to get them to take their personal fitness a little more seriously. Currently, there are twelve of us here, which is more than the camp operators expected, but they are pleased with what we are doing, so no problem! First of all, we’ve been joined by Zach and Ethan, meaning that Dave and I now have two more Tuan Jie guys here to share the love and get up to our gay stuff with.

In private, naturally; our camping bus has discreet partitions!

We have switched around the sleeping arrangements each night to take full advantage – waking up with Zach kneeling across my chest, fully charged and with that appealing look in his eyes, demanding relief…

…but enough of that stuff. For more of the same, read the books!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Towards the rear of the bus we have Dave’s mid-teen daughter Jaymee and her friend Karla (my son’s current girlfriend) – acrobats, fakir artistes; beyond them, Jaymee’s mum and her lesbian partner (also brutally fit ladies with a strong attraction to nails, glass and fire). Not exactly four of a kind there, except in the performance sense.

Meanwhile, currently outside sharing a tent, we have my son Leo and his best friend sharing with two guys here to promote folk wrestling and, from what we heard this morning, introducing the younger ones to the ‘joys’ of giving relief to their newly developing ‘morning woods’. No gayness in there – just ‘boys being boys’. Indeed, boys being very fit boys once that little ‘ritual’ is over with! Honestly, haven’t we all been there…?

So, twelve very busy people out here in the ‘great outdoors’, but Dave and I also needing to fit in responding to messages and questions relating to our new jobs, to which we return mid-July just as the first paying guests arrive at the first half of the complex demanding our attention as fitness coaches and, separately, as entertainers (and entertainment managers). Shirtless freedom there, and also here, although we find that so many kids have arrived at the camp with parental orders not to expose even a finger tip to the sun. A wider knowledge of the cause of Vitamin D deficiency wouldn’t come amiss, with limited sun exposure even by the pale skinned having some advantages. Given a choice, my son and his fitness friends would never wear a shirt at all – definitely assisted by living in a warm and humid climate: we’ll be working in topless in the sun back in Portugal too, so no more do we need to top up artificial tans to look good in acrobatic performances.

Definitely no need for artificial tanning beds…

Common sense should always prevail of course – never allow yourself to go red or get burnt if unused to the sun. Our lot (family/friends) often train naked, just for the ‘kewl’ feeling of being able to do it and to feel the breeze on your sweaty body. We have parked our camping bus on the far side of a lake so that we can indulge at first light while the camping kids are still asleep, and the two wrestle boys, after some surprise, are now joining us. Guys and girls, all together, running, bodyweight exercise and a dip in the lake: no better way to start the day!

There is a pool here but, curiously, wild lake swimming is definitely encouraged, and the youngsters, under careful supervision, love it. No parental angst here!

OK then – a few more pictures celebrating ‘the great outdoors’…

By the way, that’s definitely not my choice of attire for performing hand balancing!!

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