Growing Pains

Yes: they all grow up! And not just gymnast boys, of course. I’m thinking about our kids: my Leo and Dave’s Jaymee. With us here are Leo’s best friend Chris, who has designs on Jaymee, and Jaymee’s best friend Karla, on whom Leo has his sights! They are all 15, and the juices are definitely beginning to flow.

They all train together as acrobats, and with their weights. In our private facilities, the entire family and their dedicated friends have tended to shed their clothes altogether for training. Jaymee went through a ‘demure’ patch, after having grown up since birth alongside Leo and happily playing naked together for hours. However, everyone seems to have become comfortable with their recent bodily changes, and things are back to ‘normal’ so far as training goes.

What is fascinating is that their relationships during training are totally professional. At those times, it is all about the things which count for performing: strength, flexibility and balance, and supporting one another. Out of training time, however, the boys are becoming visibly more ‘amorous’ although the girls are slower to reciprocate. We feel that all four are now ‘capable’ of sexual activity, and this presents the assorted parents with something of a dilemma. Despite Jaymee and Leo being the product of gay parents on both sides, these young ‘uns are totally hetero!

They’ve had ‘the talk’. Including Chris, from his definitely hetero dad. But the two wrestler lads camping alongside us, with whom the boys have been sharing a tent, have been ‘egging’ Leo and Chris on. “Too young”, I hear you all say and, of course, we totally agree. Dave and I kept ourselves to ourselves until 17, although that’s hardly a simple comparison, given that we’re gay. All four of them are highly aware of the risk of teenage pregnancies, but we’re dreading the day when one of the boys plucks up the courage to ask about acquiring some condoms. Or just does. I’m sure all parents struggle with this. But we’re a peculiar collection of parents, to say the least.

Our particular problem is that Dave and I will be ‘abandoning’ our progeny when we return to Portugal to work (although they’ll spend the final two weeks of their vacation time with us first), and it will be down to the mothers, with whom they’ll continue to live. Mothers not happy! Any advice welcome!!

Meanwhile, to find out how we got ourselves into this mess, read the books: click on any cover or search on Amazon.

For all of them (and us) fitness has been the name of the game, and our livelihood, so here we go with the customary selection for today:



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2 Responses to Growing Pains

  1. Platinumboy says:

    The best advice is daily phone/Skype contact with the kids and mothers. Ask all the questions and make sure all the naked sessions are monitored. Constant nudity can go both ways at this age: ready for sex or bored with the idea. Make sure Moms are monitoring email , internet and phone usage. Sexting is a real issue and I doubt school officials have the same opinion as you on underage nudity. This is especially important as your teens may share what they view as innocent photos while others may view those same photos as illegal, even if they fall under the Supreme Court’s definition of naturism. Privacy is important, but also researching the law as it pertains to your children’s ages and the fact that nudity is a big factor in their lives is important. Believe it or not, when I was a kid in the 70s, sharing nude fitness photos of kids wouldn’t be the big deal it is today. Life magazine and the Boy Scout magazine used to publish cover photos of naked boys as far back as the 50s. Today, a naturist photo of an underage kid on a phone would be reason to bring in the police and tell the kid he is headed for jail. Just be careful and use Skype daily.

  2. Miguel Bone says:

    To days photographers look like sculptures. They are really professionals

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