Solstice Story

‘Midsummer’ – allegedly. In solstice terms, yes: in practical terms, there’s a long way to go yet with the good weather! We hope. Even for the UK:

A nice story from some readers of my books in the UK. “We are in the Lake District and, inspired by the picture you posted of Bassenthwaite, decided to check out your locations to see if they were ‘real’! Well, wow! We found your magic circle of oak trees and, despite the path to them being marred by excavations for a water main…” (Oh dear!) “… the atmosphere there was so peaceful – just amazing on an otherwise busy and extremely hot Tuesday afternoon. We didn’t connect with your mysterious helpers, but we can confirm the extraordinary feeling of wellbeing. Next morning was the summer solstice, which we celebrated at sunrise in the stone circle a few miles away called Castleriggs – another magical place with views of the Lakeland mountains in every direction from a small grassy summit. Watching sunrise over the eastern fells was spiritual – some singing of Celtic songs, someone left a poem at the centre of the circle under a stone, others laid flowers, and someone rather strangely left oranges. A gift for the Gods, maybe! Thanks so much Tone for bringing some of this magic to your writings – as well as your eccentric lifestyle…”

Well, thanks for that. Lovely to get such a message out of the blue. The message went on in a much more personal way, but I’ve quoted enough. Now perhaps folks will understand why I put a picture of that Bassenthwaite locale on the back cover of book 3…

And so to our usual theme of male fitness promotion. Hopefully you will enjoy today’s selection.

Here are five guys who are seriously pleased with their bodies as a result of hard training:

…and two wrestlers, so pleased that they are pictured twice!

For these two fine specimens, it looks as though the one on the right couldn’t give a damn!

And, with a quick mention of the other two books (full details by clicking on the covers), on we go…

This next gym has a very odd environment. There seems to be a guy about to use the parallel bars – but there is no height above them to speak of? If it were not for the shirtless guy in the foreground who seems to have been training, I would have decided that this was not a gym but an equipment showroom. What do you think?

One thing I can say – its in Russia. And now: into the bushes at night!

Remove the tats and this would be a cool picture…

…and, while we all ‘hang in there’…

…and, while we commend the back lever here, we do urge a careful check on the fixings of basketball hoops first…

But those street workout guys sure build great bodies…

When the workout’s over, time to crash in the locker room!

…but showing off for the camera, of course!

And, finally for today, a nod to ‘international handstand day’ which was also on solstice day.

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