Changeover Time

Summer camp half over for us, and some changes at the weekend. The two teen lads who have been teaching wrestling (and teaching Leo and Chris some wayward stuff in their tent!) have left us and, for this week only, their place is taken by our close friends (close in the Tuan Jie sense) Leon and Dane, giving up a week of their vacation time to enjoy the ‘fun’. They are wrestle fanatics up in KY, and have also learned some of our acrobatic and fakir stuff in the past, so we’re all highly delighted. Zach has had to return to Oak Ridge to massage his expanding clientele at the beauty center (featured as ‘Maisie’s’ in my books, but that was a disguise) but Ethan is staying on as his partner Jack is tied up in Toronto with family stuff. And with this new line-up, plus the girls and the four kids, the fitness training, acrobatic teaching and occasional shows goes on!

Those are superb handbalances from a top-flight acrobatic gymnastics club in a cabaret performance.

Sometimes, just sitting in the shade and enjoying the environment is very satisfying too!

I referred in some recent posts to our last-remaining camping bus (we had two in the old days) having seen better days. Leon’s day job is managing the maintenance of a bus fleet, so it didn’t take long before he had his head in the engine compartment and pointed out that diesel was spewing out all over the engine from one of the injectors, and presenting a major fire hazard. Then he noticed that the radiator was supported only by its hoses. He fixed the first problem but the second needs welding, so eventually will need a slow and cautious drive home. And while he was contemplating all of this, plus a knocking noise from the transmission, a delivery trucked backed into the side of the bus while he still had his head over the engine. Omens of imminent scrappage, we feel. Apart from Jack and Ethan, there is little appetite for touring and living out of kitbags these days – after all, we’ve been doing it on and off for over 15 years and the interior of the bus is looking pretty crappy as well – and with Dave and I scooting off to Portugal… After all, the transit company withdrew the bus from public service through high mileage in 2002, and it has been across the country a few times since then!

Now some more fitness images for you, starting with six bar boys:

I don’t think that they would get away with  underwear here – Speedos yes. However, it seems to be all the rage in eastern Europe these days (and Russia) – in public and certainly in the weights gym:

I guess it is cheaper than buying shorts.

Here is a fit group about to race for the pool:

and they’ve all been able to afford shorts! As, of course, have these gymnast boys:

Here in the ‘great outdoors’, it has been pretty hot…

…although no-one has been wishing for snow…

Even with a lot of cloud and even occasional rain, the humidity has stayed high and every activity generates some sweat…

In some sense, our job is to keep these boys (and girls) sweating from dawn to dusk, and to improve their fitness. most of them ‘want it’, thank goodness: in another summer camp, last year, the opposite was the case and it was awful. Awful for us, anyway. Made you want to just curl up and cry…

Hope I can get away with that one…

Five more boys whose efforts in fitness have certainly paid off:

One to go then but, before I go, a quick reminder of how you can support the blog. Don’t just lend a book to your mates – buy them one for themselves!




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