Odds and Ends (Mainly Ends!)

Something of a mash-up, this post, as I find odd bits of time to try and put something together and then find WiFi to send it from ‘the backwoods’! Our work with the summer-camp kids continues: some successes in terms of inspiring fitness, some failures. But being outdoors most of the time is cool.

Heartily sick of the camping bus, though better than a tent I suppose…

… despite the agreeable company of Dave, three other gay lads from our ‘partnership’ plus family (kids, friends and their mums…) in an assortment of bunks. And Leon continues to thrust his head into various compartments of the bus and then emerges shaking his head at the state of decay… I feel certain that this could be the last-ever trip in this vehicle!

Another interesting discussion is in progress. If you recall mention of a blossoming gay relationship between under-age Jude (Canadian lad, bodybuilder) and a guy he met on the internet initially called Korben (two years older, also bodybuilder), it seems that their relationship is blossoming and has the cautious support of Jude’s parents (he’s 17). Korben is travelling over from Knoxville twice to day: once to train with Jude and the other lads in the early morning before school (when it is in session), and then in the evening at the private gym where all the tyro bodybuilders sweat it out.

Occasionally he gets to stay over in Jude’s house occasionally, Jude goes over to Knoxville…

I’m sure that a lot of comparisons of physique development go on in the bathrooms…

…and, no doubt, in the bedrooms too. It is hard to be critical when Dave and I discovered each other at 17…

…especially as went ‘the whole gay way’ very quickly after that. Anyway, the debate is whether they could (should?) take over the room that Dave and I will finally vacate, with Korben then only making one return drive to Knoxville every day (for work – he is a salesman in his father’s car dealership) and giving up his rented apartment there. Karen and Clare (house owners) and our mates Pete (Dave’s brother) and Ivo – another gay couple and permanenet residents) will have a say, obviously. Our kids Jaymee and Leo already have straight friends staying over regularly and there are two hetero relationships blossoming as a result… something of a hive of activity!! Of course, a big attraction would be the training shed “on site”, which Dave and I would certainly miss were it not for being responsible for two gyms in our new employment in Portugal. Nah – we’ll miss it anyway, sharing those 6am starts with the enthusiastic teens!

…although, back in Portugal, we’ll have a beach to play on (and plenty of time to play on it with some great local lads)!

…especially in the evenings…

Change! We all have to learn to accommodate change, I guess. Let’s have some more inspirational pictures now.

In regard to making comparisons, perhaps we should not comment that the guy on the right in the next one seems to have an extraordinarily long neck! And also, perhaps, that their gym seems to have a bar in it!

On balance, as we might well say…

…I think that we prefer a different kind of bar…

…at least so far as this blog is concerned! Although my books make it clear that we certainly a beer from time to time…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Yes, we have a roof terrace at our place in Portugal – but it does have a wall around it to prevent us from falling off! And, as previously noted, we have a beach to train on as well…

OK. Four more gym-bunny bodies, and it’s “over and out” for this one.



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