The Day of Reckoning

When you achieve something after a lot of effort, or after worrying about it for some time – like this guy with his neck hang from the bar – there is great satisfaction and (sometimes) relief). Yesterday, we passed such a milestone – or at least I think we did. Not so much in our lives, though, but those of the kids.

Let me explain. This is Independence Day weekend. We’re still at summer camp with two weeks to go. Our offspring and their mothers are here – Ethan left now to spend Independence Day with his family. Leon and Dane are also home now. Two mums, two dads, two kids and their two friends who are, as it happens, not just professional partners in acrobatics and stuff, but also two aspiring ‘couples’: Dave’s daughter Jaymee with Chris, who is my son Leo’s best friend, and Leo with Jaymee’s friend Karla. all are around 15½ years old, past puberty, and the juices are started to flow.

One could suggest, I suppose, that they need to ‘chill’!

But no, This is 2017. Kids mature young these days and they are starting to flex their social muscles as well as their actual ones. Starting to think about their own ‘Independence Day’.

Dave and I already overheard Leo and Chris – sharing a tent with two older teen wrestle boys a couple of weeks back – sharing also some lessons in jerking off (not to beat about the bush, as it were, but just to beat…). Two days ago, Karen (Jaymee’s mum) overheard Jaymee and Karla joshing with each other about they would like the boys to do to them. So we (adults) decided that the time had come for some serious talking.

Leon and Dane had a car here so, before they left, we asked them to go down to the nearest drugstore and lay in a supply of condoms. I hope that his doesn’t sound irresponsible, but w have to be realists. Then, while the ladies spoke with the girls, we spoke with the boys. In loco parentis as far as Chris was concerned, but I called his dad Steve first to OK it.

You have to remember though that we do have four very responsible kids here in many ways. They train together and the stuff they do is really tough. Often it is done naked or near naked because Jaymee and Leo grew up together like that and in the ‘family’ it has just been kind of normal. And they have two ‘safe places’ to do that – our private training cabin and the private gym. And, when they are training, the relationships are totally ‘professional’, which greatly impresses us. But then come the ‘letting hair down’ moments…

So our messages were pretty blunt. Absolutely do not come on to your girl (or any girl) unless you are 100% certain that they agree and consent… otherwise it is rape. Absolutely do not proceed without a condom – otherwise you could be a father at 15 and potentially ruin a girl’s life. Absolutely do not rely on a girl saying ‘it’s OK, I’m on the pill…’ Understand the menstrual cycle… Understand about sexually transmitted diseases…  I could go on, but you get the idea. An ordeal I imagine every parent goes through…

This came in the very early morning after they had been for a run with the girls and done some weights. Then we (adults) had waded in and separated them. Dave and I handed the box of condoms over to the boys and asked if they understood what they had to do. ‘Next time you get hard, try it…’

Chris and Leo were pretty stunned at first. We felt über-embarrassed, hardly believing what we were saying to my “little boy” and his friend. ‘Any questions?’ Leo and Chris looked at each other. ‘Um, what about oral…?’ Good grief. But they are not stupid. Leo and Jaymee have gay/lesbian parents. So a good question. We discussed it.

Still embarrassed all round – a long silence followed. Then Leo stood up and just gave me a big hug, his warm and sweaty chest (from his training exertions) pressed against mine. No words, but I knew what he was trying to say. A combination of ‘thanks’ and ‘trust us’.

I think we can.

Then Leo put his arm around Chris’s shoulders and said ‘Let’s swim’. They strode into the lake, and their girls shortly followed.

Whew. So glad that’s over. Writing about it here is kind of cathartic. I like to think that the kids respect us – we respect them.

But enough. The rest of this post returns to the usual theme of fit male bodies. Enjoy.

Starting with two which we might caption “intense and proud”…

And now, professionally posed but rather excellent…

Speaking of ‘professionally’, there are three books which would help to explain how we got to find ourselves in the situation I described at the top of this post! Some have suggested that they are quite a good read, especially for the gay-friendly reader…

…but, now, ‘on with the show’:

One clearly sweaty wrestler, whereas his friend seems to be holding a beer bottle… ??

Talking of beer bottles – and toadstools (?) – and a bit of fun on the side…

Ah, the sea! The beach! Yes! Two weeks to go…






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