A ‘Brief’ Interlude

Well… briefs and Speedos, so far as the pictures are concerned!

We’re sure looking forward to spending the rest of the summer in southern Europe, with a beach available for our free time!!

This week includes Independence Day here is USA and, as a consequence, there are fewer kids at the summer camp this week so we’re having a ‘brief’ respite although the kids who are here are fun to work with. But on Independence Day itself, we’ve taken on an evening ‘gig’ – acrobatics and fakir show, adults only – at a private party. We also did this last year while at this camp. Just a short distance away – the camping bus with all our equipment should just about make it without collapsing. Fingers crossed for that.

Just been watching the teens rehearsing some of their bits. Jaymee and Leo synchronising their performance on the balance canes. The Chris on his back on the nail bed: Leo stand on his chest then arches backwards into a tight ‘bridge’, hands on Chris’s legs just above the knees. Jaymee steps up on Chris’s face – because its there! – and then goes into handstand on his hips, while Karla goes tight up behind here on his knees. So that’s three additional persons crushing Chris down on the nails… the things we all do for fun! Of course, after the girls cartwheel off and then Leo does a back walkover off before lifting Chris by the hands, he is entirely unharmed except for some rather red indentations in his back. Feeling proud of themselves is part of the fun! Then they’ll be walking on their hands along the broken glass…

Karen and Clare will be doing their usual fire stuff in which we all get involved in various ways. They also decided to do a suspension trick – hooks in their backs with chains between, Dave and I counterbalancing to pull them apart – and then Chris will (briefly) hoist Jaymee up to sit on the chains… The ladies (who will topless for this) have a history of this stuff which, so far as we are concerned, they’re welcome to, although we all get involved with the nails as well as the glass… Dave and I will also do the ‘hanging from teeth’ stuff because there is a beam we can rig our trapeze from. All in all – a normal day in the ‘household’ of the eight of us. Perhaps I should say ‘bus-hold’ in this case, though, but the word probably doesn’t exist.

The ladies’ more extreme stuff with hooks has not been rehearsed – partly because it is not something to do too often anyway, partly because we wouldn’t show that one in front of the camping kids anyway and thirdly because they’ve done hooks so many times in the past they know what they will have to put up with.

As ever, they are rather laid back about it.

So that’s our ‘brief interlude’ for tomorrow night: here now is the rest of yours… starting with a dude with a great tan…

Now, a brief interlude in your ‘briefs’ interlude. Something you might care to click on to discover more of our former (younger!) life and times in my first book:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The story continued…

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

That is an absolutely excellent picture: the boy, the blue water contrasting with the trunks, the swirls of water captured by a short exposure… class!

And the end of the adventure:

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Turning things on their head…

To finish for today, a beautifully lit study of a muscular back. There’s plenty more Speedo and briefs pictures waiting to be posted, so maybe we’ll do this theme again very soon.

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