Taking Up Where We left Off…

…that was a picture theme of ‘Speedos and Briefs’, as we complete our final two weeks living out of a decrepit camping bus in the ‘Great Outdoors’ at summer camp…

…and also recovering from last night’s Independence Day private fakir show! No injuries, except for the self-inflicted ones by Karen and Clare who decided to do their meat-hook tug-of-war stuff “just one more time”… so a few plasters in play today and tee-shirts left on instead of bikini tops. Otherwise, business as normal, teaching fitness and facilitating various outdoor pursuits including lake swimming, calisthenics and ‘folk’ wrestling.

As well as the basic muscle training – mainly bodyweight exercises, although the site has some weights and we have ours.

Actually, I do have an injury… but not from last night. Around lunchtime I volunteered to help with a little ‘bushwhacking’ using a strimmer. Something unidentified flew out of the brush and sank its sting – or its teeth – into my forearm. Didn’t feel anything, but noticed a stream of blood running down to my hand. My forearm has now grown a huge swelling – like another bicep sticking our below the elbow. Doesn’t ache or anything, so I’m letting it take its course. If I don’t show up on this blog any more, you’ll know that was a bad choice!

A few more kids have arrived here today now that the actual Independence Day family stuff  is over with. A group of six lads has also caught the attention of Leo and Chris – six obviously keen muscle builders. An interesting collection from a single High School in NC, apparently: two gentlemen of colour, one Native American (not unlike the ‘hero’ of my forthcoming book Let The Future Find Me, but without the distinctive pony tail hair) and three white. All challenging each other to be bodybuilding stars (if it lasts!). So Leo and Chris have challenged them to join their otherwise private 6am run, weights, wrestle and wild swim – all before the rest of the camp slinks from its beds. I feel that they will turn up, so it will be interesting to see how it works out… especially when our boys leap into the lake naked… no need to dry those Speedos or shorts then, of course!

We have decided to leave USA a couple of days earlier than we originally intended, in order to stop off in UK and let our parents see their grandchildren before crossing over to Portugal. Starting from Oxford, we have decided to fly from Bristol, just for a change, to avoid the hassle of London (and to get cheaper fares!). Leo and Jaymee feign nonchalance about their short trip to our new ‘home’ but, in reality, they are quite excited, envisioning frequent trips over to use the beach (and hopefully with their friends/boy-girl friends paid for too). We shall see!

So, on with the picture theme. Enjoy.

You really like Speedos? OK, then…

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4 Responses to Taking Up Where We left Off…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Hopefully, the hand will heal quickly. I still see a need to have the injury examined. If you don’t know what bit you, you don’t know for sure bout the potential for disease. I worked a surgical unit as a medical services specialist when I was in the Air Force. I can remember many unnecessary inections due to lack of prompt medical care. That’s why we have emergency rooms and Immediate Care facilities today. Besides, you don’t want a potential medical problem to delay your return to Europe.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Thanks for your concern: I did of course visit the camp nurse, who asked ‘was it a snake?’ Not 4 feet above the ground, actually! She checked pulse, temperature, BP etc and decided I would live, before opening a drawer full of assorted creams and gels, looking me in the eye and then saying ‘you’re a big boy… maybe we’ll just watch what it does next!’ It went down a lot overnight and is just a slightly sore little bump now. So business as usual, I fear!

      • Platinumboy says:

        I’m glad to hear you saw the nurse. you hadn’t mentioned that, so I was concerned.

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