There’s six enthusiasts pictured in a garage which presumably doubles as a gym. Yesterday I mentioned six potential fitness enthusiasts who had agreed to join our kids (and us!) early morning for our own run/weights/wrestle/swim before breakfast. These are six guys with impressive physiques, all from the same High School and clearly proud of their bodies. Also determined to enjoy themselves at summer camp.

And so they did. All turned up – even before Leo and Chris had emerged from our camping bus into the early-morning sun to meet them (it has turned into thunderstorms now, but we’ll get by with that!). To say the six have ‘clicked’ with our two boys would be an understatement – at one point just before lunch I had to remind the boys that they are being paid to be here to work, and not to leave all the acrobatic coaching to Jaymee and Karla.

In off-duty hours, though, the six-some has definitely become an eight-some, even taking Leo and Chris’s eyes (and minds) off ‘their’ girls for a couple of hours! Much talk about weights routines: some of the lads aspire to be bodybuilding prizewinners and, like most groups, all of them encourage and inspire each other to do better.

Some are more shy and cautious than others…

..but all the shirts quickly came off in the dawn light and, by the time it was lake-swim time, they all got naked along with our two as well, being only slightly phased when Jaymee and Karla joined them!

(OK, that’s a sunset picture and a bigger lake but, as I don’t post pictures of our under-18s here, it will have to do!). A Russian lake, undies, and a bit of acrobatics, since we’re on the subject…

The open-air wrestle tournies are going well – we allow any style including pinning and submission as well as collegiate…

…along with the general fitness stuff…

..and, of course, ‘free time’ means ‘playtime’…

…in fact, anything which keeps them outdoors topping up their Vitamin D without getting burned is fine!

Even when the thundery showers arrive…

…they’re unstoppable! The posing and comparisons just go on all day!

…not least in bathrooms!

Let’s join in:

“Am I ripped?”

Not half!

Contemplating his next move on the bars. OK. Just for once, if you are interested in knowing more about my books covering our gay fitness lifestyle and adventures, take a look at the previous post – or almost ANY post!

Here’s our finale for today – someone else having a thought by the p-bars! Bye for now.



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