Final Fling at Summer Camp

Our last days at summer camp – we shall leave on Wednesday with 48 hours to get ourselves ready to return to Europe. Amazing where the time has gone this summer – and yet the schools in Europe are still in session and about to break for the summer whereas US kids have to go back early August.

A strange time for all of us, really – Jaymee and Leo will join us in Portugal (via UK grandparents!) for two weeks and then fly back to the States to resume their school and training lives with their moms – but not their dads. We shall be running our gyms and managing entertainment for the new complex which is about to receive its first visitors – slightly bad timing relative to the summer season because their building program overran a bit – but worked out perfectly for Dave and I.

So, gym pictures for the remainder of this post (and what a perfect young man this next one is!):

Leo and his best mate Chris, here with us at camp, have made six new friends from NC who it turns out are as fanatical about fitness as they are – they’ve been joining our ‘family’ dawn workouts including trying acro as well as weights and swimming – and getting hooked on submission wrestling too (to the extent that I overheard one call out to Leo – “You gotta be naked so I can try for a ball grab!”) – Ahem! I resist the temptation to post a picture of that… though they may be flying around on certain Instagram accounts!

That image (above) is entitled ‘well-equipped’ and applies equally to the guy and to the gym! Pull-ups (or indeed pull-downs) behind the neck are superb for developing the upper back, especially the rhomboids.

Here’s a gym which is obviously just free weights – no machines in sight and not even a bench… but the star lifter seems to be doing OK:

That is what this summer camp session has all been about – encouraging more youngsters to think about fitness while trying to make it ‘fun’ with acrobatic experiments… and a bit of showing off from us and especially from the kids. Thankfully our two (and their friends) never try the ‘look what I can do – I’m better than you’ attitude – it is all about encouraging others to train harder and achieve the same things. Just hope that they keep up that attitude in their later lives. And not just the boys, of course – although the boys are certainly our focus here…

Find out more about me – and my partner Dave, our voyage of gay discovery and our interest in acrobatics and fitness. Two other books follow this one covering circus tours, creating a family, and some adventures and misadventures:

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

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And now: back to the boys and their weights successes – and their selfies!

Others get their mates to take the pictures so you can, as it were, see the whole picture!

And, finally for today, what the ‘weights mates’ are meant to be doing! Notwithstanding that here must be a third guy behind the camera.

Incidentally, if anyone fancies ‘rating’ these pictures, the second one gets our vote, hands down!

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