Droning On… Passing Through… Flying Off…

‘Droning On’ is what I tend to do here, to avoid just posting just fitness pix and book adverts (proofs of Let The Future Find Me have arrived for checking, by the way, as if I didn’t have enough to do at present!!).

Five action-packed days since the previous post – leaving summer camp (the old camping bus made it back to Oak Ridge without expiring, but its future is now under serious review by Karen and Clare); packing up the rest of our stuff (Dave and I for a ‘permanent’ move to Portugal, Leo and Jaymee for a two-week vacation with us)… a seriously ‘energetic’ send off  at the private gym (virtually an ‘all-nighter’) which did indeed start with weight training…

…then a lot of wrestling as each guy wanted a bout to “say goodbye”! I mean, faced with several dozen ripped and either sweaty or oily guys, you can’t really resist…

…and finally, just us and the rest of the Tuan Jie boys left alone in the smaller gym, splashing around in our own juices in the ‘wet pit’. That’s ten of us who have been sharing our gayness and our love physically for nearly 18 years, closely guarding our health through a vow to keep it ‘within the group’. Can Dave and I keep that up? Ethan and Jack did so during a two-year world trip, and we’re sure that we shall get plenty of visitors to our apartment for free vacations from the ‘team’… we just have to resist those Portuguese guys and the visitors to the leisure resort I guess!

We’ll be surrounded all day by fit guys minimally dressed – or indeed they have the option to train naked at certain hours – and the camp welcomes naturists either as family groups (opening this week) or in adult-only pairs/groups (opening two weeks later). Temptation indeed for we gay staff, but we’ll resist, I hope!

So, we got the flights via Chicago and “if its Saturday it must be Oxford UK” – a fleeting chance for two sets of parents/grandparents to catch up with us before we head to Gatwick airport (London) Sunday and on to Portugal. We know that the boxes of personal stuff we sent ahead have arrived – as well as the ‘show’ equipment, most of which got there before we left, so we’re ready for our dual roles of gym and entertainment managers (and, indeed, performers).

I sometimes wonder if writing about us enjoying training naked doesn’t come over as a bit, well, ‘over the top’. But being momentarily in the UK reminded us firstly that gay/straight-friendly naked gym sessions are regularly held in a gym in West London (a previous post contained a report on one) – sadly no time to explore one of their Sunday afternoon ‘gigs’. And then we noticed in a copy of The Times from earlier last week a report that the UK police were searching for the owner of a drone which had been flown over a family birthday party being celebrated outdoors “with naked teens and kids”. Not sure what they were doing (it must have been during the very hot weather, and maybe a pool was involved) but obviously there were no inhibitions amongst the young ‘uns about being ‘happy in their skins’ together, which is kind of cool when these days the opposite is so often the case. Pity about the sneaky drone presumably taking pictures, though – that’s the sort of interest in our freedoms that we don’t need.

I was reminded too of a BBC TV programme some while back featuring Baden-Powell’s first Scout Camp on Brownsea Island. Apparently some other ‘bigwig’ arrived (by boat, as the place was cut off at high tide and chosen so that the boys could explore nature to the heat’s content undisturbed):

The Visitor (horrified): “There are naked boys up trees!”

Baden-Powell: “Excellent!”

Our message is certainly “get out in the open air and enjoy!” – and if the location doesn’t support naked stuff then at least shuck the shirt and shoes…

The climate of the eastern Algarve does mean that half of each of our two gyms is in the open air – at least for most of the year…

…while free time can be spent in the open air (and shirtless) too – in the countryside…

…exploring local attractions…

…in the pool…

…on the beach…

…and just ‘getting around’…

As our friends said when we first discussed whether we might do this, ‘What’s not to like?’ Indeed. And we still have our own very personal ‘down time’, of course…

I don’t think that we’ll have much time for reading in bed… although I hope you will! The new book is pretty different from the first three – mainly fiction, although it reads like fact, based on a character we briefly knew: that will be coming soon.

So ‘goodbye’ until we are settled back into our new jobs and home, entertaining our two teens and introducing them to the local lads and girls. Just a couple more pics to finish off.

Love doing twisting sit-ups to define the abs! And this lad is letting us see his at work. “Excellent!” (with apologies to B-P!!!)

PS: isn’t that one everyone’s image of the Algarve?!! “Excellent!!”

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1 Response to Droning On… Passing Through… Flying Off…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Your comment about the naked boy scouts reminded me of an issue worth repeating: It wasn’t too long ago in America that male nudity was not the issue it is today. Male public high school swim teams competed naked in public. The teams were photographed naked for the yearbook, sometimes full frontal, Mothers protested when their sons were asked to wear swimsuits. The Boy Scouts of America and Life Magazine printed photos of naked boys (no genitalia) on their covers. Nobody got excited. Personally, if I saw a naked child in the situations I described, I wouldn’t think anything of it. How times have changed!

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