Utopia Limited…. Continued!

So where were we when I had to break off last night? Oh yes – just starting work at the vacation centre for real (a job our friends think is a job made in heaven!), and entertaining our offspring for a couple of weeks while they also contribute their considerable acrobatic and fakir skills to our first few ‘shows’. Everyone is on a learning curve, but we’ll get there!

The climate here – currently unending sun and clear skies at night – makes it a great place to just ‘hang out’…

Given that we need to stay in training – not only to look right when supervising the gyms here but also to participate in the shows (four nights a week at least when we’re fully up and running, although it is not going to be ‘us’ so often once we get the wider programme sorted), we were up at six in the morning sun exercising on the roof terrace. Jaymee, Leo, Dave and I warming up and stretching, practicing our balances as you must continue to do as a performer… and who needs clothes? From the terrace (our private zone!) we can look down and see the various groups and families emerging for breakfast – about a third of them obviously committed naturists – we’ll get used I suppose to naked people lining up to collect their breakfasts and then sitting en famille totally naked to eat them, enjoying the morning sun before it gets high enough in the sky and starts to burn. Even we are covering up in the mid-day sun, or at least keeping in the shade!

And just now, with a little unease it has to be admitted (and since we were not yet ‘on duty’) – we four also went down to collect our breakfast au naturel… we may be used to doing this at home and with close friends, but in front of strangers there is a feeling you want to curl up and hide at first…

Of course, we can make use of the pools when not actually working on something, which allows cooling dips in between heating up in the sun…

We also have kids gym and acrobatic classes to run, and we have to be careful not to fry them! Jaymee is going to help me with that this morning, while Dave and Leo work on the final arrangements of the staging for our first show, which is tomorrow (we’re still auditioning local talent this afternoon as well, which is a bit ‘last minute’ I suppose, but we’ll get there!).  Which leaves our staff, Alf and Seb, manning the weights gym area and keeping everyone there safe and making sure the equipment is used correctly.

Having actual holidaymakers here on site is still taking some getting used to. For the first six weeks here (before we disappeared back to Tennessee for summer-camp duties) it was just us and the workmen, getting everything ready. Now the only workmen left are just finishing off the second half – the adult-only centre – which will also be receiving its first clients in about ten days. Then things will really be hotting up!

My mum comments that she can’t believe ‘I’ve taken a job in a nudist colony’! I said ‘Look at the pay check!’ – but then my mum never has understood why I didn’t want to be a scientist like my dad, but decided to earn a living ‘Standing on your head and other silly things.’

OK Mum, so I’m a disappointment! I think being gay was the final straw really…

… the point at which she figured out she never would understand me and left it at that! Thankfully, we’re still close, despite everything… ‘everything’ which I have written about in these books and which you can share, by the way, just by clicking on the links or searching on Amazon. and thereby supporting this blog…

In terms of ‘other silly things’ (!!) we’re trying this move at the moment…

…this is not an easy one: when I’m the ‘top’ I keep falling off and when I’m the bottom I am really struggling to start the lift. Dave likewise, but he falls off at a different point in the cycle! Maybe we’ll get there, but that one’s not in the show repertoire for the time being!

Onwards and upwards then, with a random selection of fitness pictures to inspire you lads! A guy in the shower for starters – we’re taking a lot of showers these days to cool off when we’re not in the pool or sea in our free time!

Time for a ‘big finish’ – like-minded lads getting together to build their skills – and their bodies! Off now with Jaymee to see to the kids and their handstands!



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