Fitness: The International Language

More from sunny Eastern Algarve! First shows went off alright here, but we have to get additional performers organised quickly to sustain the length of performance the management have in mind. Problem is giving them enough performances per week – or somewhere else to display their talents in addition to here – to make their ‘residence’ worthwhile financially. More on this to come.

Today I want to focus on how our 15yo kids Leo and Jaymee – fitness and performing aces, but very obviously ‘American’, have integrated here at the vacation centre with assorted new nationalities. They are basically here on two weeks holiday, while Dave and I get stuck in to our new duties – they have some shows to do, but otherwise, about from training/rehearsal, it’s so-called “free time”.

That involves beach time, obviously – Tennessee is far from the ocean and so access to a beach a couple of miles away is a dream! But, otherwise – “free time” means – ‘training and rehearsal’! Oh, and a bit of poolside relaxation I guess:

But, if you want to find them, the gym area (indoors or outdoors) is the most likely spot. Checking up on Seb, our ‘staffie’, to make sure he was OK and happy, I found Leo working away on the resistance machines with a Slovenian boy of about 16 and his younger brother (12?) – no common language, but all happy as could be with Leo spotting bench presses for the Slovenian, who was in conformity with the gym clothing rules for the time of day (no naked training until 9pm) but, shall we say, a ‘minimalist’, like this next guy (to be fair, our own performance kit is a bit skimpy too – but we have to be seen to ‘expose ourselves’ to the nails and glass):

His younger brother also! And both lifting surprising poundages. Leo nearly kippered himself on the first day by forgetting that, over here, weights are in kilos and not pounds! But ‘poundages’ will do.

Two Russian boys wandered in, watched for a bit and were also welcomed into the group. Another language – but they had a bit more English. They were keen on their street bar workout scene as well as the gym equipment…

…and offered to trade some tips on their skills in turn for some acro advice – they had seen Leo (with Jaymee) performing the previous evening.

After weights, Leo and his new friends were out in the sun wrestling – and they moved into the ‘naturist’ zone for some of that. After lunch they were all (including Jaymee and a couple of girls) climbing on to the shuttle bus to the beach, with invitations from Alfredo and Seb to join the local guys and girls later for a beach party. OK for some!

I can sense that two American (and quasi-British) teens will be climbing on to that plane back to Tennessee (and to school re-start at the beginning of August) with great reluctance…

Bringing like-minded people together here is certainly what the management here seem to be achieving, with numbers increasing every day. We just need to get on top of the entertainment issues, and we’ll be fine. Anyway, tomorrow (Monday) is a full day off for Dave and I, and we’ll be taking the kids of in the car to see some more of this quite excellent country.

Fit guys, anyone?

Coming soon: proofs corrected!




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