A Summer Night

Day out today, so here’s a post I prepared earlier and timed to appear in the evening while we’re still having time across the water in Spain with the kids (short train ride to Vila Real, ferry and bingo, early lunch of al fresco tapas!).

Today’s story, though, if there is one, is last night’s story. Show went well, but we are desperate to get other artists involved: that should be happening this week, because it is difficult to sustain an acrobatic/fakir performance with only six of us – which includes the kids who will shortly go back to USA, plus Alfredo and Seb our local lads who are doing really well – and a band! Tuesday’s show should include at least a magician doing two spots, and a sword-swallower cum knife thrower is on his way with his contortionist partner from the company’s other place in Romania. So the pressure will be off us a bit, since we’re managing the shows as well as appearing in them!

We really miss Zach, who has always been our ‘front man’ on the mike, getting the audience involved and representatives on stage to check out our nails and glass are for real and to add a bit of extra weight. Seb is doing his best but keeps forgetting English words, English being the most useful language for our multi-national audience (thank goodness).

Jaymee and Leo are doing very well with their symmetrical balance routine on the pedestals, following by working as a pair but, after a seriously hectic social day beforehand, collapsed into bed straight after the show ended, leaving Dave and I up on the roof terrace with a glass of red wine, gazing at the stars as darkness fell in a cloudless sky and a warm breeze.

And gazing at each other. I love him so much it hurts still, even after 17 years. His body, for starters, muscular and flexible, tanned and strong… and all mine! I like to think mine matches his. So we lay side by side on our waterproof outdoor mattress – not that it has dared to rain for many days – kind of inching closer. Arms around one another, feeling each other…

…and then, with a delicious inevitability, Dave rolls me on to my tummy and lies on my back, his ‘apparatus’ priming… and, when sated, we exchanged positions for another performance… after which we lay in each other’s arms, kissing, enjoying each other’s tongues, breath, taste, scent…

…and we fell asleep together. About 3am (I think) a slight breeze woke me and I pulled a cover over us, but it stays quite warm here over night in mid summer (never fell below 22C/72F last night) and, although both of us awoke when the light reappeared, we drifted off again…

… until Leo appeared, with Jaymee, at around 5.30am, wide awake and ready to stretch… and Leo, with Jaymee supported on his upstretched arms in a handstand, he stepped neatly on to our chests, one foot on each, and then on to our faces (he loves to do that) to give us a special ‘good morning’ welcome! Aren’t there times when you just hate your kids?!! But no, we love ’em to bits, especially as once school in Tennessee re-starts we won’t be seeing them for a while. They dragged us off to the pool before official opening time (as ‘staff’, we can more or less do what we wish)…

…and had the place to ourselves. The costume-free pool, naturally. Breakfast is available from 6.30am (or we can do our own in the apartment, of course, but the fresh fruit on offer is really something) and then it was all ‘What time is our train, Dad?’! Keen, because trains aren’t a thing you can do in Oak Ridge TN!

So a memorable night. For tales of previously memorable nights you can investigate these links:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

And now, to top up the post with pictures of fit guys, as per usual!

Hmmm – that pool is a little overlooked for nude dipping…!

This next guy will appear twice, but why not? He deserves it…

And for the finale, all lads together!


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