Fighting, Frying… and Complaining

‘Bedding in.’ That’s what the system here is doing, I think! Our gym setup in the ‘open’ half of the vacation complex here seems to meet with general approval – the emphasis on this side of the complex is ‘family’ and so we have free weights, machines and running/rowing stuff, part open air. A few of the Russians here are saying ‘where is the punchbag and the ring?’ Oh dear!

We had thought that the second half (adult-only, gay friendly) of the complex, opening in ten days, might attract such interest, rather than the ‘family’ side, but obviously we made a misjudgement! We had a punchbag on order for there – now, today, we have two on order! As for a boxing ring, in a holiday complex that seems a bit OTT to us, but management are thinking about it (money seems to be no object, but space might be).

Boxing, and indeed ‘boxercise’, is a great of working up a sweat and maintaining ones fitness, of course, and we are marketed to the investors as a ‘fitness’ vacation centre…

…although lounging around in the sun by the pool is, of course, highly popular too! Or, indeed, the beach…

Near 30C here again today!! So fairly easy to raise a sweat on the stepper, for example…

The adult, gay-friendly half of this place is better equipped for the likely interests of gay couples and groups: more muscle-specific machines, mat space (they, like us, like wrestling) – although young boys like it too…

…we are holding ‘fun wrestle’ classes for the kids here and they are well taken up! Older young guys, though, like to combine their wrestling with fitness tests – sometimes of the type we would not allow young kids to indulge in…

…whereas others are content to keep to a proper style (and sometimes, too even keeping their jeans on – at least for Round 1!)…

So we have ample mat space already ‘built in’ to our fitness arrangements for the ‘adult’ side. This can include oil wrestling, popular with Turks, of course, if we get any, and their olive oil, and also with gays and their ‘baby’ oil, as we well know ourselves!

Indeed, oiling up ones opponent can be as much fun as the actual wrestling, and it’s a great feeling to be oiled up by another fit lad as well. Then comes the close body contact…

But ‘straight’ lads can like oil wrestling too, as evidence by our Turkish friends (a national sport even), and my son Leo is no exception. Today he persuaded his new Slovenian friend to have a bout, and came to me for a supply of oil. We sent them to the as-yet unopened ‘adult’ half mainly because we don’t really want oil on the limited mat space in the ‘family’ half which is mainly used by people doing floor exercises for fitness. Checking on them later, I found them in the fierce sun with the rather pale-skinned Slovenian boy going seriously red – very occasionally, my son can be brain dead, and overlooks the obvious. Like covering yourself in what amounts to ‘cooking oil’ and then going out on the midday sun makes you like bacon in a skillet (to use the Tennessee word!) – fried up and cooked through. ‘Oh yeah, maybe we better move under the awning, then!’ Indeed. ‘Stupid boy’, as Captain Mainwaring would say of Private Pike in ‘Dad’s Army’ (if you don’t understand that bit, forget it!).

Since no-one wants their best Speedos drenched in oil, they were naked, of course, as permitted here. But not as permitted on the Facebook ‘mirror’ of these posts, so I’ll keep this image small and hope for the best (you can enlarge…).

Our ‘addiction’ to these aspects of and attitudes to sport is well documented in the first two of these volumes, which also covers the acrobatic stuff, touring, getting into mischief and trouble, and lots more including our finding our gay love. You might like to click on these images as well for more info from the publisher’s website (and we’re on Amazon too, with both print and e-books).

While on the ‘naked training’ train of thought (something we’ve written about here in more detail, e.g. here), which we tend to do for our acrobatics as well, we were greatly amused by this obviously ‘staged’ line-up of six acrobats… (this one enlarges upon clicking too!). Obviously a circus rehearsal space, but still…

To support all of these sporting interests – boxing, wrestling, gymnastics/acrobatics etc, the basis is the fitness gym, and both sides of our new holiday complex are well equipped for that. The lads (and ladies) for all ages seem well pleased with our efforts in that respect, at least!

…and the obvious enjoyment of a session lifting weights ahead of a relaxing dip in the pool or down on the nearby beach is there to see…

Those just getting into weights might care to note that he doesn’t bend his back (so not cheating on his bicep muscles – all the work done by the arms) lifts slowly without jerking, and lowers slowly too, which is important since the muscle is working under tension then and that helps the development. Sorry if that detail is boring! But it’s our job here to make sure people do things right and don’t damage themselves.

Jaymee too is having a great time and has disappeared off to the beach this morning with a Lithuanian family who have two girls. All good for their ‘internationalisation’! And last night’s show went well too, especially with two additional performers.

OK, enough. Some more lifters to finish with. Beginning with a fine fair-skinned specimen not unlike Leo’s Slovenian friend:

…and a sweating cyclist to finish! Here’s obviously near the pool and I guess will be in there pretty soon!


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