Speedo Time

Today’s picture theme is ‘Speedos’ (and we’ll allow ‘briefs’ in there too since underwear is growing as the ‘in’ form of swimwear and gymwear in some parts!).

The management here is quite generous to Dave and I in their expectations: since we are managing (and currently appearing in) three evening shows a week, shortly to be four, we get time off during the day during which our ‘staff’ Alfredo and Seb cover the gyms for us, with other staff such as pool attendants also rotating around various jobs to cover for one another. Industrial relations (as it were) are good.

So today, after working the morning and doing an hour’s rehearsal for tonight’s show with the new performers, we got three hours beach time in with our kids. Which was cool.

I’m preparing this before tonight’s show and will post it immediately after. We’ve integrated the first appearance of the sword swallower with part of our ‘fakir’ act, where Dave is standing on me while I’m on the sword bed: the new guy will replace Dave, swallow his first sword in that position and then, once I’m lifted out of the way, will continue with that part of his act. We just hope we can all remember the sequence of everything since every show so far has been different, and of course will change again when further new ‘acts’ replace our kids. We already have the contortionist girl as well, and she’s the knife-throwing target, so that fills in a whole heap of time we previously had to ‘busk’ through. Add the local magician guy, who is hardly the world’s best (especially when seen from backstage!), but as a retiree he’s happy to do shows pretty much for ever without costing anyone more than his appearance fee. And in this part of the world, apart from musicians and crazy fakir-acrobats, talent is a bit hard to find!

We have a folky-jazz singer with the band as from tonight, too. The traditional Portuguese thing is Fado, a style of mournful singing which we find awful, but very ‘hot’ with tourists in the Lisbon area and northwards. Down here, not much Fado to be found, and we’re much closer to Spain so investigating Spanish dancers (you know, the style with a lot of foot tapping and stamping) which we also hate but, as they say, it goes with the territory! We ‘entertainment managers’ (sic!) must cater for all tastes – not everyone is content with a bit of arm balancing and a bed of nails, nor even a quick spot of spear bending.

One of my most regular blog followers (by e-mail rather than commenting) is a musician: I think I already sent him this next picture privately but it sure fits our muddled theme of underwear and entertainment…

For ‘musician’ read also ‘composer’ – I am rather amazed to have a few of his piano compositions dedicated to me (pieces on an acrobatic theme, believe it or not) and except for the total absence of a piano on this site I might even get a chance to practice them – probably not however while lying on top of the piano in my underwear and definitely not while doing handstands. But, as a performer of such trivia, there are some varieties of such gear that I wouldn’t be seen dead in…

Not sure what that occasion is there – probably a pole dancer. Our performing gear (currently) is silver, which you may feel is worse – but it takes up whatever colour the lighting is!

Some rather better examples of undergarments looking good in photographs:

OK, yoga mats out…

(Ideally, all young gymnasts should be able to touch the top of their head with their feet)

If you’re going to work up a sweat in the gym, then the briefest of briefs are the best briefs…

…and perfect for posing – even in the shower (don’t we like wet boys!)…

…or just posing…

…or just for being with your partner… kids are having a post-show dip with some new friends right now, so, er, Dave… come over here…

Book-ad-free zone this post. Enjoy!


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