Surprise, Surprise!… Planned and Unplanned…

Surprise #1 (unplanned!): had a visit (in the gym here) on Friday morning from the father of the Slovenian boy who my son tried to fry in oil when wrestling under the full mid-day sun! Thought that he had come for a moan, which would have been entirely justified. Instead, no! First, his son (only a bit red now) wanted a return match before they had to leave the next day, so ‘where was Leo’? Secondly, the father, obviously quite fit, put enough English together to explain that he’d like a go too – with me! – and that it would be fun if both fights went on side-by-side so his wife could make a video!

And, as Friday evening was free, I took them over to the gym in the currently closed half, along with a small audience of friends…

We are now good friends with a Slovenian family and have an invitation to visit. Who knows… we might even do it.

Which brings me to planned surprise #2.

On Friday afternoon I drove across to Faro airport to collect my oldest friend Colin and his family, here for a week. My other old friend Roger, who got us this job and has strings he can pull, got them in (for free) in the VIP apartment next to ours 🙂

We managed to keep this from Leo and from Colin’s gymnast son Ollie despite them being regular Skype fitness freaks. Ollie knew he was going on holiday but thought it was Spain. Not only will they be here for the rest of Leo (and Jaymee’s stay) but, unknown to Leo and Jaymee until now, they will all fly back to Bristol on the same plane on Friday and then be conveyed back to Oxford, where my parents take over to get our kids to Heathrow the next morning for their trip back to Tennessee.

Ollie and Leo just freaked out on sight! It’s all about comparing muscle, and skills with them – both addicts of course to both weights and gymnastic skills.

The are sharing our spare bedroom while Jaymee moves across ‘next door’ to share with Ollie’s younger sister. And they’ll probably lift weights and wrestle on the roof terrace all night.

And, on learning  that Leo and Jaymee have three more shows to do with us here before leaving, Ollie immediately demands to be in them. And – surprise #3 – he can be. His balance is excellent and his floor tumbling skills have really developed (but then he has two ex-gymnasts for parents!).

(He’s practising the Diamadov turn, by the way. Body shape needs attention. In case the information is of interest…) 

So that’s sorted. Just a bit of rehearsal this afternoon with the rest of the cast. Right now, with the temperature headed for 95F  (35C) under yet another cloudless sky (grin!), Dave and I are on duty so the rest of them are all down on the beach. Nudity on beaches in Portugal is restricted to certain zones, but Colin has taken our car together with a map, and crammed everyone in…

(Cautionary note. In Portugal it is ILLEGAL to piss in the sea. Anywhere. Just so as you know…)

It is not however illegal to do handstands in the sea.

As far as we know!

OK. No more surprises for today: just some rather excellent guys to pep everyone up.

Coming soon from Vanguard Press…

And a final surprise… a park seemingly dedicated to men – some of whom enjoy handstands!

Nah, there’s one female in shot. She must feel overwhelmed… or spoiled for choice!

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