‘Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow’

Forget the basketball. Otherwise, that’s how a well-fit young man should look after a great training session. Bathed in sweat, to the extent that it is soaking into his pants. Lean and mean. OK, we’d appreciate a bit more muscle, maybe. But there’s a guy who is dedicated to his sport.

Two sweating friends, who have probably just come up from their basement after a workout…

My son Leo, 15½, is such a boy. Dedicated to his fitness, an able acrobat, muscly enough to show off as a ‘fakir’ without discomfort, and surrounded by like-minded friends back home in TN. Dave’s daughter Jaymee is also driven by acrobatics, and by her mother (partner of Leo’s mother) into fakir performance, especially with fire effects.

Today, we shall wave them ‘Goodbye’ at Faro airport until at least Christmas. Dave and I will be working (if one can call such an enjoyable ‘posting’ work (read recent posts if you’re new here)) here in Portugal, they’ll be back in school in Tennessee. And we’ve all been pondering the future.

Or, rather, their future. One more year of High School beckons. Beyond that, as a reader who happens to be a teacher in TN himself points out, they could leave and pursue other interests. College (after more school) is an option, but neither is really ‘academic’ – even Leo’s grandfather (physicist) has given up on him following his  own scientific bent (despite there being a US National research laboratory in the town)… the happy accident which brought me to TN in the first place, where I met Dave, and…. but wait, you can read all of this for yourselves here – just click on covers for more info and search Amazon!

OK – ‘if you want to know, ask’. So we asked them. It’s complicated. Leo would love to do what we are doing and be here in a fitness vacation centre a couple of miles from a sandy beach in a great climate. But there’s all those fitness-freak friends back home in US – oh, and yes, the small matter of his (current) girlfriend Karla who also happens to be an acrobatic gymnast – along with Jaymee’s boyfriend Chris, who just happens to be Leo’s best friend… they’ve worked out performance routines for the four of them as well as joining in with their mothers and our other acrobatic friends in occasional entertainments, so can earn a little money there as well as feeling rather tied to TN.

One can arguably do acrobatics anywhere – on the wall of the River Thames in London for example…

…but, realistically, to remain employable you’ve got to move around constantly, like in a circus, and you don’t earn much (unless you happen to hit the right buttons on America’s/Britain’s/Anywhere-else’s Got Talent)! To earn megastar dollars/pounds/euros, you’ve probably got to be a singer these days, not do handstands and whatnot…

So we’re sending Leo and Jaymee away a bit thoughtful, because in the end, something’s gotta give! Choices need to be made. Highly unlikely the girlfriend and boyfriend could be released to come and work here in Europe with them as gym attendants!! I’m sure Chris’s dad has other ideas about his son’s future. for a start: Karla is less clear since her parents have split and she’s kind of becoming more of a free agent. But current boy/girlfriends may change, anyway. Meanwhile, Leo and Jaymee have younger kids to train, like the four near-11yo boys twins Stevie and Josh and their friends Alvin and Bryce who have developed amazingly under our watchful eye… Dave’s brother and his partner will be keeping an adult eye on what the kids are encouraged to do by ours, of course. Nothing too stressful during their growth spurts!

OK. Other changes are afoot, since we no longer live at the house in Oak Ridge. ‘Our’ room is now rented out to Korben, the 21yo bodybuilder who has fallen for nearly-18yo Canadian bodybuilder Jude. They want to move in together and do what gay guys do (and we should surely know), but Jude is still legally a minor, still in High School and lives with parents live a few streets away. They met on the net, but Korben seems to be the genuine article (rare, I know, but I don’t think we’ve been in any way ‘groomed’ to think that) and rather than drive twice a day from Knoxville to train and spend time with Jude, it was more logical for him to make the return trip just once to go to his work in a car showroom.

They’re both part of the dawn weight-training ‘coven’, of course.

After our offspring, we’re going to most miss that training cabin at the top of the yard, along with the very private and gay-friendly gym we’ve been part of for 17 years. But we’ve equipped our personal roof terrace here for weights, wrestling and general chilling alongside eating (and drinking!!) under the stars, and we run two separate gyms here on the complex. And, just as they attract Leo and Jaymee to consider moving away from their land-locked Tennessee birthplace, those sun-baked golden sands are just a short walk or car ride away for us.

Not to mention that parts of the gyms are open-air and one can train in the sun (or, indeed, in the shade when the sun is really fierce) and that our ‘clients’ are a succession of adult gay groups who are into fitness (eye-candy!) as well as families – and some of them are into naturism, which parts of the site are open to. We assist people unfamiliar the equipment, give personal training, help youngsters with basic gym and acrobatic ‘fun’ sessions, and manage (and take part in) evening entertainments. What’s not to like? You can see why Leo even thinks of ‘dumping’ Karla to come here to ‘play’ in the sun…

Thanks also to the several other contributors, either through comments or (more often, to be private/personal) via my e-mail at gymacrobat@gmail.com who take the trouble to offer their thoughts and advice regarding our kids, weight routines and pretty much anything! Thanks, and feel free to add your own thoughts! I do try to respond personally – eventually.

So it’s off to the airport after lunch, also with my oldest friend Colin and his family, which includes their kids who are super friends with ours. Gymnasts, obviously, and in constant Skype with ours about their fitness progress. Long may such friendships last – it’s rare they get together but, when they do, it’s just like they’ve never been apart.

OK – time to add a few more general fitness pix, and I’m done with this post. Hope they hit your spot…


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