Jungle Telegraph

Out here, in the southern European desert, we’re really cooking! And the temperature here is about 10C lower than some other parts of the Med coast, for example. This heat-wave is said to be unprecedented… even Dave and I are starting to think that you can have too much of a good thing.

Also, the humidity has risen somewhat – we could be back in Tennessee, from the feel. But, basically, we still feel that we’re on to a good thing in our new location.

Beach, pools, gym, a few shows to perform… and they call it ‘work’!

So, we’re getting sweatier than we expected even when we’re not working out I the gym! Kewl, you could say.

Better than snow, anytime!

…although, right now, we wouldn’t mind a snowball fight!

Anyway, to business. The jungle telegraph around here is starting to liven up. Some of Alf and Seb’s friends have taken holiday jobs sorting parking and beach umbrellas at places down the coast. And they have picked up, filmed on their phones, and taken the contact details for a number of street/beach performers who are camping around in the district and could be amenable to appearing twice a week here, at least during the season. Dave and I are going out ‘on safari’ tomorrow to find some of them, after speaking on the phone. Check out their performances. And, in addition (I think I might have said this already) we’ve found a local fado singer (for those who like that sort of thing: some of the visitors seem to expect it). Slowly but surely we’re getting into the business of being empresarios!! Important, so we can do a bit less ourselves in the evenings. We’re due a bit of ‘down time’…

Actually, to be fair, we’re getting quite a bit of quality time. And, as it happens, getting some ‘private’ work training acrobatics and stuff, even though the ‘clients’ are rather transient (as in, here only for a week or two weeks).

This morning, for example, already in our ‘staff’ shorts (we tend to ditch the Speedo option because pockets are useful) but not yet on duty, taking breakfast on the ‘family’ side of the enterprise. Two lads – look like twins aged about 16, with the parents, taking breakfast at the next table. One of the lads, seeing us shirtless (as ever!), pointedly pulls his vest off over his head. It is already about 25C and cloudless. His brother follows suit. I notice some debate within the family, and then one of the boys comes over.

‘Was that you in the show last night?’


‘Is that stuff with the glass real, or do you fake it like in an illusion?’ (This refers to glass walking and to Dave and the boys ‘burying’ me in the ‘glass coffin’ thingy. I’m paraphrasing a bit because their English wasn’t too good).

‘No, it’s real. Anybody can do it, with a bit of practice and a bit of care’.

‘Could we?’

‘Guess so.’

‘Any chance of a lesson?’

Well, yes, of course there was. So, going over to the parents, we arranged to meet them as we came off shift at 4pm this afternoon. We let them back into the auditorium through the staff door and introduced them, in front of their admiring parents, to the simple physics which allows one to lie on a bed of nails and walk on broken glass. Afterwards, pocketing our handsome tip, we arranged for them to join the ‘basic acrobatics’ class put on for kids tomorrow morning – they will probably be the oldest, but also the best able to attempt some of the stuff. They have quite good handstands already.

Stoi! This kind of thing is so much fun, and we love to pass on the ‘arts’.

That done, we’ll hit the road and go suss out some potential performers for our future shows.

A correspondent from back in the US (see comment on previous post) asked if our ‘acts’ are all fitness related. Gosh, no – for your average audience that would be tedious in the extreme! That’s one thing we’re quickly learning – audience tastes vary wildly and, what can be appreciated one week can be considered boring by the audience the following week. Need to keep on our toes. So we’re researching local music groups as well (but resisting the local am-dram for the moment!). Anyone know a xylophone player?

OK – what entertainment can I offer you right now? You guessed – some books, pictured here (click on covers) and some more pictures of great guys for our largely gay readership. Hope these ‘hit the spot’.

(That’s British gymnast Nile Wilson)


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