Fighting Talk

Well, the boxers wanted punch bags, and a ring…


… the punch bags have arrived and have been fixed by the maintenance guys, one in each ‘half’ of this complex we’re at. As for a ring, with actual ropes, well, the wrestlers within the gay adults who come here would definitely go for that as well, it would appear, and the management ‘ears’ appear to be receptive, although it is not clear where it would go.

On the ‘adult’ side we have only one pool and therefore more outside space… we’ll have to see. But it does seem that money is no object to satisfy our clients here, although the initial investment by those ‘clients’ does appear to have been pretty substantial.

To be honest, Dave and I are astounded by the number of people (either sex) spending time here in Portugal working out and doing fitness sports of one kind or another, when the lure of hot sun, pools, beach, and great wine and food is on offer as an alternative to physical activity! For us, it’s fine, since our role here is to facilitate all that training stuff, but the take-up greatly exceeds our expectations ad we’re spending more time tidying up gyms, spotting for people and offering advice than either we or the ‘management’ expected. Still, it shows we’re useful and worth the money… not to mention the evening entertainments we’re here to manage as well. And that’s not just acrobatics (which is what we do) of course, but the whole range of ‘variety’.

We’ve had to take the locals advice, for example, on whether a Fado singer is good or not (how would we know!!?). They tell us the magician is ‘tolerable’ (but he’s local so they love him), the bands are good (we’re rotating three of them now), our sword swallower and contortionist are doing great, and we have jugglers and clowns due to arrive next week. Meanwhile over in darkest Tennessee, some of our acrobatic friends are planning their ‘spots’ as soon as we give them a contract!

Talking of fighting, the local lads ‘fight club’ which they hold in the dunes a couple of evenings a week to entertain their girlfriends (and themselves) continues. Alf and Seb invited us to  take part when we first arrived, but being something over ten years older than most of the said lads does make us feel a bit out of place. The usual response when we say we’ll sit out and watch is that they put two of them on to each of us… Oh well! Here’s couple of martial artists to entertain us all (the style of the fight club is pretty random, by MMA comes closest!).

And he’s a bit sweaty, which shows he’s been putting in the work!

So that’s pretty much our ‘fun in the sun’ story for today. Something unexpected needs to happen to justify posting at the current rate, so let’s see. In the meantime, I’ll make up the numbers with some suitable pix. Enjoy.





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