Let the Dance Begin!

Well, maybe that’s more of a pose than a dance. But anyway…

This vacation place we’re at really does seem to be working as a team effort. One of the cooks (yes!) on a day off on the beach near her home (some distance from here actually) came across an African guy playing drums to an amplified recording from his I-pad while his partner danced. Street or beach entertainment. She thought they were pretty good. Suggested ‘management’ check them out. Result – we now have a resident DJ (or I-padJ, if such a thing exists) who will provide family discos on non-show nights and adult ones after shows, as well as ‘daytime ‘kiddy discos’, and will also take part in the shows – we’re integrating them already  to leap around while we’re doing our ‘fakir’ stuff and provide live drumming for other parts of the act (balance and whatnot) as well as doing their own ‘spot’ in the shows… they’re over the moon, and their first appearances have gone down a treat. And if you were living out of the back of a rusting old camper van and suddenly get offered a free apartment…

Quite! Long may this last! And the lady seems to be more than willing to go ‘tribal’ at appropriate times, by which I mean dancing topless. This has to be a hit… especially when she leads the disco crowd.

I don’t seem to have any more dance pictures right now, so these three guys larking about in the woods will have to do instead:

Fun for all. There’s a kind of feeling about the place like we’re all growing up together as the place finds its own ‘feel’. Getting the balance right. Loving it.

Cue some ‘balance’ pictures!

Don’t try this one at home – or at least, not on the subway steps:

A steady planche:

A relatively easy one-arm:

You’d need to be quite flexible to do this:

A nice shot from under the parallel bars:

…and from the side:

…and a nice wide handstand in the rings:

Rising to handstand on the pommel horse:

A superb Russian lever:

And to finish for now, the boys from Chelyabinsk doing handstand endurance training:

…and their handstand push-ups – nothing like it for strengthening the upper body!

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