God versus Common Sense: The Debate

This is going to get controversial. If that bothers you, look away now: there’ll be another post soon.

The killing gets closer to our little haven here in SE Portugal. Nowhere seems safe from these nutters who want to kill in support of their so-called ‘religion’.

On my left, Creationists. Supporters of assorted religions who think that some bloke who looks like us created the universe in six days about 4000-6000 years ago (and no-one explains where he came from). An alarming number of Americans believe this.

On my right, overwhelming scientific evidence that the universe is about 14 billion years old – admittedly there is no sensible explanation for what happened before that nor what lies outside the observable universe… see this fantastic humorous physics book called ‘We Have No Idea’, ISBN  978-1-473-66016-8 published by John Murray – authors Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson. My dad sent it to me – he’s a physicist… they admit what they don’t understand, while explaining with crystal clarity what they do understand.

The problem with religions – apart from the obvious nonsense of some of the doctrine in the light of 21st-century knowledge – is that you are expected to ‘believe in’ something you can’t prove and which sounds extremely improbable, simply because some older person tells you to after they were similarly indoctrinated.

In the olden days, this ‘fear’ of God’s wrath was employed by the establishment to keep the population ‘under control’ and to suppress dissent, whether it be dissent against Kings, Presidents, Dictators and particularly Priests. Folks who didn’t know better were truly ‘God fearing’ and, faced with the potential wrath of God who seemed to launch cataclysmic weather events at anyone who dissented, you can see how it was all stirred up.

The majority of wars have been stirred up by one religious faction against another – especially witness Northern Ireland in recent times: if only both sides, Catholic and Protestant, would step back from their bigotry and ask themselves ‘Why are we doing this? Let’s just stop and have FUN…’

All religions have their Holy Book (established, as I surmise, to maintain control over people), and the book for Islam (Koran) seems to be particularly nasty. ‘Death to unbelievers’. All that stuff.

And so here we are: 2017, technically and scientifically enlightened, and still fighting off nutters who think they are going to get sex with unlimited virgins through killing anyone who doesn’t share their nasty beliefs, their suppression of entertainments like music in some cases, and the subjugation of women.


And… don’t get me started on what these religious types think about us gay types…

I’ve been living in the bible belt for seventeen years. Say no more…

…I don’t think I need to post any more of that (rather long) cartoon strip!

So today, here at our fun factory in the sun, we had a staff meeting. ‘Be vigilant. Study your guests and report any unusual behaviour.’

No unusual behaviour. Just plenty of this [right] plus sun, pool and beach:

So I stop ranting now. I do recommend that ‘We Have No Idea’ book – the cartoons are huge fun and the facts are quite revealing. And it is rare to have a physicist who admits how little about our universe we do actually understand.

And then, if you want to relax with a good (gay-ish) read on the beach and try and blot the horrors out of your mind, try these.

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Let The Future Find Me: ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1 (in press: no link yet)

LOVE. That’s a good idea.

Back to normal next post.

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