Normal Service – Just Relax!

13 hot guys there, with their coach, ready to wrestle. A couple of posts ago I wrote about setting up a small ‘private’ wrestling knock-out session for 10 visiting guys plus Dave and I. Today was a free day for us, but with no special plans. The six Russian wrestle-club guys are still here (although the other four guys have gone) and, as the auditorium was free for a private session, we set one up for the eight of us this morning. This time – four pairs each going for 30 minutes to notch up as many submissions of our opponents as possible. I paired a guy called Egor. He won. Not a total surprise, that, although I did score a couple of submissions out of him: these guys wrestle five times a week back in Moscow!

He exacted a challenge after: simultaneous press-ups, but the peak of each one met with a strap across your back – a battle between wanting to match him on press-ups while wanting the assault to stop. I’m proud to say we both stayed the course and shared the honours. To spare Facebook (and WordPress) blushes, we’ll let this guy model for us with his shorts on and no lashing:

That was all before lunch, and we agreed to join them for a couple of hours on the beach this afternoon. Salt water and minor abrasions not really a good combination, but we all survived.

This evening, we’re just on standby unless something untoward happens and which, despite Barcelona and the rest, is highly improbable. As in Las Ramblas, people getting on with their normal lives. And being in a ‘walled enclosure’ here, as it were, adds an additional level of security. Not that Portugal has suffered, so far.

And being on standby doesn’t stop us enjoying some more of the rather excellent Portuguese red wine options (in moderation). Dão tonight, and Dave is in the kitchen with a rather succulent fish on the go – yes, we like red wine with pretty much everything. Cheers!

One reader has commented that I so very rarely show pictures of guys simply in relaxed mood. They’re all sweating in the gym or something, he says. Well, it’s true we are promoting fitness and hence exercise… and results (a lot of posing), but the criticism is not entirely true. On the other hand, looking at my collection of some 400 images awaiting posting, he may have a point.

One can, of course, relax in the gym…

For the rest of this post – let’s see:

Relax on the roof?

Some relaxing piano music, maybe?

I know that one will have at least one appreciative viewer.

The ultimate relaxer, maybe… caffeine?

Actually, if you really want to catch guys relaxing, go down to the beach at night…

Caption, anyone?



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2 Responses to Normal Service – Just Relax!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Regarding the naked wrestlers with their shoes on: I never got into the idea of being naked with shoes in the first place, but naked wrestling wearing shoes? No way! Naked is healthy in warm weather. Stay naked!

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