Feeling ‘cosy’ today!

Just one of those days when we seem to have got everything ‘together’.

Doing everything together – as Dave and I almost always do – has always been good, whether it be sport…




…just being a bit silly…

…or, well, you know…

If it were not for Dave, I would never have written the first two of my books. He’s the ‘boy’ in the first title, obviously. 17 years later, we’re still together and, although very busy in our new location, we seem to have more time for each other than we ever used to. And time for me to keep writing too: there was a book 3 in that same series…

…and now, I’ve just been given a provisional release date of ‘end-October’ for a completely new book on a different fictional theme – a gay boy with no family and no partner either, searching for his lost love… I have no direct link for that as yet, but you can make a note of the ISBN and get your orders into the system!

ISBN 978-1-784653 23 1

OK, more togetherness / fitness type pictures! This first one is a drawing (at least I am 90% sure it is) but notable for the interesting angle and the detail.

And now a sequence – a first for the blog I think – of two guys not really getting it together: a mount to shoulders and a back somersault. Hardly the best in the world, but the brothers are worth a look:

Well, he landed it: they wouldn’t get a slot in one of our shows doing it like that, but with a bit of practice…

And that’s a record number of images in a single post: let’s make it a round two dozen with two final gym bunnies: left or right?

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2 Responses to Togetherness

  1. Mike Evans says:

    It’s funny how life turns and surprises you. Sometimes good, sometimes not.
    My story has similarities to yours ( in being recognised for your worth).

    If it wasn’t for meeting my partner Peter, back in 2002 – 15 years ago, I would have made very different choices in life. But after everything, here we are, setting up a new life in sunny Madeira, and I’m starting a small engineering company. Sometimes, life leaves you a bit cold, and other times, it recognises your worth!

    Yesterday, I looked at a friends yacht that was playing up – as a favour. After 1 hour investigation, and finding a few critical issues, he straight up offered me the position of retained engineer for his yacht. I’m am chuffed beyond words – it’s so nice to be offered such a position… ( I accepted of course!)

    • tonycavanagh says:

      So glad it has all worked out for you guys. I can tell you that we’ve had a lot of doubts about our relocation but, so far, it is going better than we could have hoped. Quite long hours, but not exactly rushed off our feet and plenty of time to enjoy ourselves and the ‘scenery’ (including the assorted gym bunnies that pass through!).

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