A Dungeon in a Tent…

Strange to relate, I don’t have pictures of dungeons, so you’ll have to put up with the usual. However:

Being now expatriate Brits in the Algarve, we’re well exposed to British media – all the home TV channels, newspapers etc – and hence to British news. Our eye was caught this week by tales of ‘goings on’… an unexplained death actually – at some sort of sado/macho festival held in Kent. Glam camping, and a dungeon in a tent. Notwithstanding that the local population were outraged, and that a fatality during ‘fun’ is not a good idea, the concept of a dungeon in a tent caught our eye because we’re kind of headed here in the same direction. Not that they had much more than a couple of old gym ‘horses’ and a few dominatrices with whips, apparently. Our friend Cody back in Tennessee could teach them a few things…

Meanwhile, I’ve mentioned that here in this ‘fitness’ vacation centre we’re adding a boxing ring – by the request of the Russians- and leaving the rest of the space matted for wrestling or whatever – rather like this example. Punchbag too. The essential difference is that our gym buildings are already full, so we’re adding all this (on the ‘adult-only’ side) – in a tent. Quite a ‘glam’ tent, expected to last years. A tent in which guests can reserve private time to ‘do their own thing’. We haven’t ordered any ropes, chains or whips, but we’re beginning to wonder if we should have!

Most people are genuinely here just for the fitness. Some, though, show signs of interest in the darker side. This next guy may be one of them, judging from the marks on his back…

…and maybe the shiny pants are a clue as well. Who knows?

If not S & M, certainly sex. On the adult campus we have straight couples, gay couples and groups and lesbian partners too. The management politely request any intimate encounters to be out of general sight, ideally in the apartments or on their balconies, which are not overlooked. But its not happening.

Example, this very morning. Dave and I are not on duty today until after lunch, so Alfredo was due in just before 7 to tidy up and man the ‘adult’ gym while his friend Seb would do the family one. They decided to come in an hour early and lift some weights together first. Walking into the adult gym, not dressed as ‘staff’, they found a gay couple on the floor in mid-sex, the guy laying on the floor having penetrated the upper guy who was now kneeling across his partner jerking off on to his face. Eeuch. Now in the private gym in Tennessee, that would have been tolerated – it was set up by a gay guy for gay guys. But not here. With incredible presence of mind, Alf dived into the office, slipped into his ‘staff’  shorts, flung open the door of our almost empty storeroom (which has floor mats throughout) and invited them to hide themselves away which, to their credit and without making a fuss, they did, leaving Alf and Seb to get out the floor mops and the sanitising stuff – a job they needed to do in any case after 7am. Apparently the ‘session’ continued for another 20 minutes at least and the boys’ lifting session was somewhat curtailed.

‘Management’ are already concerned enough by the ‘liberties’ guests are taking around the grounds and in other areas. One can understand any gay guy becoming aroused working out next to muscular lads flaunting the rewards of their hard work and getting sweaty… who wouldn’t?

Maybe that storeroom needs to be accessible to all who find they have to satisfy their needs. Maybe we can utilise the tented area (when complete) in some way to allow folks to alleviate their ‘pressures’ – although that would be thwarted if others wanted to box or whatever. A dungeon ‘play area’ in the tent? Needs some thought.

Meanwhile, who are we to talk when it comes to being intimate together? At least we have our private apartment and its excellent private roof terrace. And under the somewhat cloudy morning sky (but still lovely and warm) that found us doing more or less what those two guys in the gym were doing, after slipping out of bed, getting some juice, wandering up to the roof, looking at each other, doing a bit of wrestling on the mats we’ve put down… and so on. Our own ‘dungeon’ on the roof? Now there’s an idea…

…and if such tales in more detail would interest you, look no further than these links:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

I rather like this composition of a dungeon-like industrial setting, so let’s just throw this one in next:

Some element of ‘Photoshopping’ gone into that one, but nice!

And for a forthcoming book of a different kind (no dungeous, no dragons, but a sad gay boy and a ghastly prairie dog), check out this ISBN and pre-order! Release date end October, I think!

Let The Future Find Me: ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1

And now, I think…

…that we should go on enjoy some more muscly lads!


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