…If You Thought This Place Was Weird…

…you should go to the UK!!

(Love the ‘Never give up’ tattoo. Pictures today are again mainly unrelated to the text topic! But clearly naked in some cases, and mainly ‘outdoor fun’… read on…)

Following on from yesterday’s piece about our guests at the vacation centre sometimes finding it difficult to be discreet about their sexual activities, Saturday’s copy of that august journal The Times (of London) shows us that the relaxed attitude to naturism here, but carefully having a separate ‘adult’ section away from the ‘family’ section, is really quite modest.

No lesser person than my mum pointed this out in an e-mail, accompanied by the question ‘is this what you do?’ (she’s long since given up on me leading a “normal” life). The answer, mum, is “NO!”

Seems like a new kind of festival is springing up in the UK. Let me quote:

“The site lends itself to all kinds of fun, outdoors. Naturism would be welcomed, bondage from trees is anticipated. Sunbathing wherever you wish, woodland walks, the site is yours to relax and be at one with nature all weekend… …open to all, swinging and fetish members, totally LGBTQ friendly… …full English breakfast.” I love that last bit. That one in the north of England – Xtasia/Townhouse.

And then we have another festival: “…for  kinky, quirky, creative hedonists… explore pain, experience pleasure and fulfil your fantasies on this mystical site where witches covens have met for centuries…domination wrestling followed by a grapple on our lube-coated mats.” That’s the one I wrote about yesterday, ‘Flamefest’. Finally, ‘Swingfields’ provides “…hot tubs, a sauna… stalls selling adult toys…themed fancy dress night… bottom halves should be covered whilst in the festival arena.” Well, that’s OK then!

All of that accompanied by pictures of a large camp ground, motor caravans and so forth. One thing we’ve noticed is that ‘membership’ seems to be limited to “the under-45s”. That would rule out quite a lot of the clients here!

And so, here in apparently more conservative Portugal, the management are divided between maintaining an outward air of respectability (as perceived by the local authority) by keeping everything ‘within the gates’ and in accordance with the planning  permissions, and trying to enforce a set of reasonable rules governing behaviour. And strictly ‘members and their guests only’. It seems to be working, most of the time. Fingers crossed!

To your left, another rule well worth enforcing. This is not our sign (we actually don’t have one for this issue): maybe we should!

One thing that is being added to the choice of activities is yoga, with a local teacher coming in twice a week to offer classes on both sides of the family/adult divide. Maybe this way? Maybe not…

Enjoying the outdoors:

(Now that’s a tan…)

Some ‘acrobatic’ outdoor fun:

Weights in the woods…

…and, of course, the ‘bar boiz’…

Everyone makes the best of the good weather…

Whatever turns you on! Doesn’t have to be a ‘Roman Orgy with your bottom half covered’…

…or just enjoy a workout on your own while enjoying the sunset and the wilderness!…


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1 Response to …If You Thought This Place Was Weird…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    If you had those three men (in picture) leading your naked yoga, you might make a lot of money.

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