Bad Guys and Good Guys… Mostly Good Guys!

First, the ‘bad’ guys. In the previous post I commented about the highly conspicuous and intrusive security dudes who showed up here guarding some wealthy Russian guy and his wife, who seemed reluctant to leave their apartment (next to ours) without at least two of their heavies in support. Well, it wasn’t just us that complained: their attitude and their very presence intimidated lots of the regular guests to the extent that management had a lot more complaints… ‘We didn’t come all the way from [fill in country] to be ordered about by fat Russian guys…’ (or words to that effect!). Quite. It resulted in some other part of the ownership team having to fly in (from St. Petersburg, I understand) to cool the situation, and the infamous visitors departed with their entourage shortly after. Good riddance. This is a place to come to relax, enjoy the sun/pool/sea etc and to have fun. I think that management are still on a learning curve but, to be fair, the on-site team did handle the situation quite diplomatically. Better than Dave and I shouting at them, anyway, but no-one has complained to us about that.

Not that all Russians are necessarily bad (although the official attitude to homosexuality in that country could do with improvement). Here are two guys from the Russian army doing what good guys ought to do – hit the gym…

Now to the ‘good’ guys. All of the pictures in today’s post, obviously…

…but especially two guys from Lithuania. About our age. From a country which now tolerates gay behaviour but where some guys still feel a little awkward about it. So relaxing here, and working out in our adult gym. Shirts appropriately off, enquiring of Dave about exactly how one should use some of the resistance machines (and that’s what we’re here to do, of course).

(Your form is excellent, dude… just lose the vest – you obviously have a great set of pecs under there…)

Dave helps them, spots for them, gets chatting, calls me on the radio to drop in if I’m free. They’re clearly delighted to find another gay couple of their own age willing to train with them and to support their visit in any way we can (that’s a part of the site’s mission statement!). They’re also worried about getting too much sun, but we can suggest a treatment for that (if they’re up for it), and we do suggest it, and also the wrestle on a shaded mat after we come off duty that could go with it. This will be only the second visiting couple we have ever invited to our private quarters and the secluded roof terrace that it offers.

Wrestling, yes…

…but without the shorts and mitts and with the urea anti-ageing skin treatment by which many Russians swear (especially ancient Babushkas)… It went well. Very well. They were aroused after that, and so were we. We all piled in to ‘help’ one another before splitting into our correct pairings for the inevitable dénouement. Dave and I are still bound, at the moment, by our Tuan Jie  allegiance and, so long as we get occasional visits from our former colleagues, we will adhere to our agreement not to widen our spectrum for the most intimate gay activities.

Beer was suggested, but we had a show to do in the evening, so beer after the show was suggested and agreed to. Beer and food, prepared by them in their apartment. And, of course, we didn’t actually leave until this morning, with more appropriately-partnered but shared fun to be had first.

Really, the things we middle-aged “boys” get up to…

(Yes, that too, obviously!)

On a lighter note, it’s fun sharing what we know with younger kids – and their dads too. This (although by a Russian river I think) is the sort of thing we do to start them off…

If they carry on experimenting, as they get bigger and stronger, more interesting things are possible…

Now to the workplace where such things are made possible:

(Available now)

(Available now)

Then go play wherever you can…

(Available now)

Just chilling out and showing off the results of the hard work is OK too!

(Coming soon from Vanguard Press: ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1)



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1 Response to Bad Guys and Good Guys… Mostly Good Guys!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I find it interesting that the Russians seem to have a negative view of homosexuality considering that so much gay porn comes from Russia. On he subject of security: It seems that government security types believe that they are above the law. I once saw a reporter (on video) being slammed against a wall by a security guy and being threatened with violence for simply asking a question of Democratic senator Harry Reid.

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