Loitering Within Tent – and Boxing Clever

The boxers can have their day! After several requests for a ring to be installed here, mainly from Russian guys, the decision was taken to put it within a permanent ‘tent’ which could be used by regular guests as an additional training space but also reserved for private ‘functions’… no doubt running occasionally to gay orgies, but if that’s what the paying guests demand…

…so we came up with a setup which hopefully will please everyone. Including those who ‘Loiter With Intent’ to find a partner who is willing to engage in a bit of fun, and then need a space in private to enjoy it. We seem to be in one of those places!

The ‘perma-tent’ was erected yesterday, and Dave and I with the aid of a couple of other employees set out this morning to erect the ring. It turned out to be ‘third-time lucky’ in terms of getting it square and the right tension in the floor – I’m not sure where it came from but the instructions for assembly were in a language neither we nor our Portuguese colleagues could identify, let alone speak. I won’t say we came to blows ourselves arguing about how to do it…

…but we came close!

But it’s up now, and occupies about one third of the tent. This afternoon we laid gym mats on top of the allegedly waterproof flooring which came with the tent, which has a lockable door at each end (but always openable from within for fire-safety reasons). One end will stay locked, and our gym office will hold the key to the other end so that we can control private bookings. During open periods we will encourage guys who want to oil wrestle to do it in there – and in wet weather (if there ever is any!!) it offers a space for any mat-based training that cannot be done on the outdoor areas. It has been decided that use of the ring will cost €20 an hour, and private use of the whole tent €45 per hour. Since most private use will be for gay wrestling and what often follows, that cost split between the participants will hardly break their bank and will, eventually, pay for the installation. We putting a third punch bag in there as well, when it comes in a few days.

Dave said ‘It’s a pity we can’t put a high bar, a pommel horse and some rings in there as well, and teach proper gymnastics again.’ That is one thing we miss, actually, and so the rest of the images in today’s post will be of gymnasts ‘doing their thing’. We have outdoor parallel bars, of course, but they are really for strength training and for street-workout guys to do their stuff. But who knows? Maybe there’s a local club out there desperate for some additional coaches – although neither Alfredo nor Seb seem to know of one. They’re “fighters”, along with their friends, and usually in the dunes by the beach at night, cheered on by their girlfriends. We can’t have that crowd in here blocking the facility from the guests, and an early idea to provide some facility for local youth to workout at the expense of this site hasn’t really worked out. To be fair, it is not meanness on the part of the organisation here, but a lack of anywhere to put it. We shall see.

OK. On with the gymnastics then.

(Thanks to Roman Glaser for that one)

So there you are. 4 boxing pix and 16 gymnastics shots. We’ve never been into boxing, although we admit to occasional ‘gut-punching’ to show off our abs. So no boxing in my books as yet, though some gymnastics. But mainly acrobatics and performance, and then gay love  and everything that goes with it. That’s the first three, which you can access through these links and then find them on Amazon if you prefer e-versions.

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

And then, coming soon (end October??) from my new publisher Vanguard Press, something different. A gay boy, yes. An outcast from a Native American community which doesn’t accept homosexuality. A spirit guide to give ambiguous advice, some malevolent influences, a love of animals, and a question – will the boy find his true love again after all, or… … …

No links to the publisher site as yet, but you can put in a pre-order in by quoting the ISBN,978-1-784653-23-1   and help to support this blog as well. I’ll post a few tasters shortly.

I hope that you can enjoy the books… but if it’s only the pictures you’re here for, you’re welcome and thanks for visiting. But then, the reviews (within the gay community for the first three books) have been pretty good, and you don’t need to be gay to enjoy any of them. Spoiler alert: there are three sexual encounters in ‘Let The Future Find Me’, and one of those is hetero and involves our gay hero, with disastrous consequences… so watch this space!



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