Different Points of View

Most of today’s fitness pictures are taken from unusual points of view.


I think it’s time to correct some impressions about this vacation complex we’re currently working in. From my descriptions of naturism, gay behaviour such as oil wrestling and all the rest, you might have formed the impression that the place is a hotbed of fetish weirdness and depravity. Granted, as I sit in the gym office putting this together, three naked Russian lads are in our new boxing ring, two of them going at it bare knuckle while their friend is spread-eagled on one of the corner posts notching up the 200 gut punches he’s asked for whenever the other two pass by. They’re taking it in turns at the corner post.

But it’s all about showing off their fitness to one another, and the place is certainly meant to promote fitness rather than lazing around.

However. We are on the eastern Algarve, where folks come to relax in the seemingly endless sun. On the ‘family side’ of the place, probably only about 25% of the guests take advantage of the clothes-free option, except perhaps when entering the pool. I would guess that about 40% of the male adults and 20% of the females use the gym equipment. A lot head to the beach each day. About 30% attend the evenings shows in which we are involved and are offered to each side of the place twice a week.

Even on the ‘adult’ and gay-friendly side, where ‘clothes optional’ apples everywhere, probably 50% never get naked at all. They just have to tolerate the others. Gym usage is higher, especially amongst the guys. Again, there’s a lot of lazing at the poolside and trips off to the beach. There is a greater tendency for gay couples and groups – especially guys – to get themselves rather  – shall we say – ‘worked up’ when wrestling and so forth, and hence our decision to provide appropriate ‘private facilities’ to avoid offending others. Something of a balancing act… but then we’re into balancing acts!

The food here is pretty good (and free to us as employees) but a lot of folks including us eat out from time to time because the local restaurants are fantastic. Basically the place runs like any other ‘themed’ vacation centre, but seeks to remain discreet and keep everyone – locals and guest – happy. Runs on a ‘members and their guests only’ policy. Having said which, I don’t think my mum would like it here very much! Definitely prefers our cottage in Wales.

(Did I hear a comment there…..? Thought so.)

Best foot forward:

(With that guy, I fear his neck is going to explode)

There we are then. I hope that this post leaves you with a ‘warm glow’…

The first three are long out – clock on the covers: the fourth (Let The Future Find Me, Vanguard Press, due end October) can be pre-ordered using this ISBN: 978-1-784653-23-1


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1 Response to Different Points of View

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Regarding the guy with the “neck explosion”: I think one can be a bit overdeveloped, even if one looks thin.

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