Richard and CJ and Irma and Jose

As we continue to enjoy apparently endless sunshine and calm very warm weather in southern Portugal, it is hard to imagine being struck by the force of Irma and the chaos and misery she has brought to the Caribbean. And now she, and her slightly smaller cousins, are headed straight for Florida.

If you have dipped into my first three books you may recall two characters I called Richard and CJ. Richard is a fellow Brit and gymnast we met at Penn State university during a competition: CJ is his gay partner and soulmate. They moved to central Florida to start their own gymnastics center and have made a cracking job of it over the years. Right now it looks as though Irma is headed straight for them. We also have other friends in Florida (both ‘real’ and ‘Facebook’ friends – not that Facebook friends aren’t ‘real’, but we mostly do not know them personally!). One FB in particular just happens to be the new European champion in barefoot water skiing, spending an exchange year from his school in Austria with a fellow barefooter and his family, also in Florida. As they don’t get hurricane’s in Austria, ‘Peter R’ is going to be in for something of a shock I think.

So, today, while we count our blessings, our thoughts are with everyone being affected by this massive hurricane season. We never encountered a real hurricane while living in TN either – mostly they die down when moving over land: we did experience some near misses with tornados though. As I write this, sitting in the open-air gym vaguely ‘supervising’ people who don’t need supervising, a gentle breeze stirs the canvas of our ‘pop-up’ covered gym/boxing ring behind me. Smiling faces enjoying themselves without a care in the world. We can all be very grateful.

Good luck to all readers who may be affected by the storms. Let us know how you get on by leaving a comment.

Pretty much ‘Speedo’ territory for today’s pictures.

(We meet ‘Richard’ in that one…)

Boxers/wrestlers use Speedos too (well, sort of)..

Back in the sun:

And, if you thought that one was a bit brief…

(In which ‘Richard’ meets ‘CJ’ and they go off happily into the Florida sunshine!)


No Speedo? No problem… swim with what you have!

Try a bit of balance practice by the pool?

Or some other strength work, maybe?

You don’t have to swim only in the summer, of course (but the gloves look a bit odd when you’re only wearing Speedos)…

And, by contrast, the sauna which can come before the icy dip! One speedo out of four, anyway:

(Coming soon [end-October?] – cast out from his community, a gay native American boy and his spirit guide embark on a life-changing journey. Pre-order from your bookseller by quoting ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1 [Vanguard Press])




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