If You Want to Stay Young…

…hang out with old people! So they say. Well, an interesting twist to that theory today.

Today’s pictures are, inevitably, of younger people. That’s our ‘modus operandi’ here, as it were.

Alfredo noticed him first. A gentleman we now know to be in his early seventies, staying on the ‘family’ side our this fitness-centre enterprise, but apparently alone. A gentleman of fixed habits: into the gym at 8am in his Speedos, about 90 minutes of strong workout, then off to the sauna for around 20 minutes, through the plunge pool then a number of lengths in the main pool, quitting in favour of sunning himself on a lounger when the pool started to get more crowded. Lunch alone at a quiet table and then, donning a vest and shorts for the journey, into the shuttle bus for the beach. He’s been here over a week now: the same routine every day.

If there was ever anyone who Dave and I would like to look like when we’re seventy, that is the guy. (Not him above – he’s obviously not 70 just yet!). And the first day that I was on duty in that gym at 8am, this gentleman immediately asked me ‘You were one of the guys in the show last night, right?’ Guilty as charged! ‘Nice routine.’ He said that with the air of someone who knows a little about acrobatic performance, and I was not mistaken. The guy had good English and we got easily into conversation. Turns out he lives in what was East Germany, and he and his wife were acrobatic performers. She died suddenly about ten years ago after making him promise that he would keep himself fit and in training… ‘So you can find another good girl and a new wife!’

Well, he hadn’t bothered with the ‘new wife’ part of that deal, but sure has kept himself in training.

Apparently, he was ‘base’ to her ‘top’ for an adagio balance routine which they performed in circuses and clubs for many years, keeping up until they were nearly 50. Obviously, we had much to talk about, not least his amazing physique for a man of 71 (as it turned out). Dave and I met with him socially as well as during work hours, and he quickly showed us that there was a lot he had not forgotten… walking on his hands (attracting a crowd of kids very quickly), volunteering to help us with some of our ‘classes’ in starter acrobatics and, in recent days, sharing some nice wine and a couple of dinners too. And – surprise surprise – he volunteers in a local gymnastics club.

If ever there was a ‘made-to-measure’ retirement, he has it!

You may be able to guess what happens next. We invited him to make a guest appearance in the show last night, trusting him, after some rehearsal, to balance us. Perfect, and he was so obviously so happy to be back in front of an audience that he was practically in tears afterwards.

His reward, an invitation to try his muscles out against Dave (first, then me!) on a wrestling mat. He had never done that before, so we offered him the private ‘storeroom’ on the ‘adult’ side of the site. I think he was a little bit phased by the dominance of gay couples on that side of the side – guests do not normally get the chance to ‘cross over’ from one side of the site to the other – but he got stuck into the wrestling behind our closed doors although that did reveal two things: first, that he knew nothing about any wrestling technique (fair enough!) and secondly that after several minutes of sustained effort he was becoming rather breathless. Still… at 71… he did fantastically well, but suggested that he would be better employed helping us with acrobatic classes in the future, and maybe he would leave the arena shows to us for the rest of his stay as he felt a little ‘rusty’… but so grateful for his continuing talent to have been recognised. I think we’ve made yet another friend! And, naturally, we collected an invitation to visit him in Chemnitz, should we ever find ourselves there. Unlikely, but his number is in the book!

Talking of books, let’s pause for the customary brief reminder of what’s on offer in the gay love, gym bunny, acrobatics and circus road trips and (mis)adventure area! First, my original three books: you don’t have to be gay to enjoy them but, if you are, you surely will find them worth a try (click on the covers):

The fourth one presents a different kind of ‘trip’ – an outcast Native American boy sets out on life’s big adventure with idea of where he is going or why, and may (or may not) find true love of his own. That one is reckoned to be appearing around end October and can be pre-ordered from booksellers using the ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1 [Vanguard Press]. I’m hoping you’ll all enjoy that because I am starting out on a fifth book already – another boy, a different kind of situation entirely but, once again, difficulties to be faced and the outcome uncertain. You’ll need to wait a while for that.

Now, back to business with a random collection of fitness pictures to satisfy the usual demand…

So there you are, guys, young and old. Off to thr gym, and get (or keep up) that buff look well into your seventies!

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