“Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat”…

Exactly. Who needs to work, or to earn money? Well, not realistic, but we liked that shirt! So this is an entirely “get the shirt off and get in the gym” post. Enjoy!

Speedos – good. Sweaty or possibly oily boy? Good. Determination to look good and to improve? Check!

Basic gym. Trackie bottoms – hmmm. Shirt off – good. Weight – serious! Two of the same boy now:

Equipment – excellent. Stance – good. Ready for his bicep curls! Next two guys too…

On to the quads:


Outdoors now:

Just ‘showin’ off’ now! (And putting the ‘gym rules’ in their place!)

“Like my arms?”

Lookin’ good (even with the vest!)…

…and, of course, without!

Need more motivation? Let’s hope not – just put that garage to good use and ‘Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat’!



About tony

Born Northampton UK
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