“Best Friends for Life”

Some people may have a funny way of showing it (like those two!) but sporting friends very often turn out to be your best friends. When you were in school, I’m guessing that pretty much all of you had a ‘best friend’. If you were lucky, that friend would support you in any disagreements – and, in my schools at least, there were plenty of ‘disagreements’. In teen years they were often about girls, although not in my case, obviously, since I’ve been with a gay partner for nearly 18 years now. But my best friend in school days – a red-bloody heterosexual – is still a close friend, along with his sporty family. So being ‘best friends’ is not necessarily about anything sexual.

My son Leo still regards my oldest friend Colin’s son as one of his best mates despite a distance of over 3500 miles. So these friendships can certainly be for a long time.

There’s two workout guys doing a bit of acrobatic work as well, for the cameras. They must depend upon one another for the success of the performance, so friends certainly, and maybe ‘best’.

My son Leo’s best friend is a lad called Chris. The work out together (obsessively), train acrobatics together… in fact do pretty much everything together. Sleep-overs one way or the other several nights a week, with their stuff in both homes. School together, obviously. And a shared interest in girls, but no fighting over who prefers which girl. They have perfected an acrobatic/fakir performance with two girls who just happen to be their current girlfriends – Chris with Dave’s daughter Jaymee and Leo with another acrobatic gymnast called Karla. Whether the boy/girl relationships will last is debatable – teen love can come and go! But I am absolutely sure that the Leo-Chris friendship will endure. They sweat together… and take a lick “to share each other’s power”, and set themselves other little rituals aimed at affirming their ‘bonding’… usually pain/endurance related challenges, each pushing the other one so that neither is ‘better’… and occasionally exchanging another bodily fluid in the interests of ‘toasting their friendship’. We needn’t dwell on the detail of that, but I fear they got the idea from Dave and I and our very close friends.

As sweaty athletes in a warm and humid climate, they have always been comfortable being naked together, whether it be changing for sport, wild swimming….

or wrestling in private places. And ‘bathing with a friend’ can be fun… even if the friend is a dog…

When we were still in USA, we had the pleasure of training young twin boys. Although that is obviously a different kind of personal relationship, it was again obvious that they would be ‘friends for life’. Obvious in the way they encouraged each other, obvious that they really ‘loved’ each other (in the family sense)… in fact, really sweet. I’ve written about these young lads a lot in previous posts – their names are Stevie and Josh.

And so to our latest encounter with “best friends for life”. A German couple have been staying here at the vacation fitness center with their son – I assume an only child. But, as in an increasing trend, the son’s best friend was brought along to ensure that he did not get bored when the adults wanted to do more adult things! Both boys were keenly into weight training, and so it was inevitable that we got involved in supporting their workouts and encouraging them to try new things. That’s one of our jobs here, after all… keeping customers happy in their fitness ambitions!

It was never ‘I want to try…’ but always ‘Dieter and I would like to try…’ Their closeness, their encouragement of each other was obvious. And so asked them how long they had been friends. ‘Since we were five years old’ was the answer, in perfect English. They are 15 now, so that’s a friendship which has endured. I asked about girlfriends. ‘He sort of has a girlfriend… I’m still looking!’ was the frank and friendly answer. I pushed just a little further. ‘Do you intend to stay friends and stick with your fitness training together, even if it gets serious with the girls?’ ‘Absolutely! The girls will have to wait until after gym’ And that said with their arms around each other’s sweaty shoulders and big grins on their faces.

These guys are probably best friends, too:

That’s Serge on top – he posts loads of wrestling videos on YouTube as ‘serge boywrestle’. Of course, in wrestling, someone has to come out on top, but that doesn’t stop you being great friends. In gymnastics, at least until competition time, everyone can be great friends in training…

…even in a handstand endurance competition! Note that three of them are wearing leg weights to make the balance harder.

Finally, if you don’t have a ‘best friend’, the workout gym is surely a great place to meet one!

Note the guy at the rear watching the lifter’s ‘form’. Helping, encouraging… But do make it clear you want to be sociable, because in many gyms some guys want to keep themselves to themselves and if you are a new member, a lot of the guys will leave you alone unless you engage with them. Just don’t hold back! You may make a new “friend for life”.

The rest of the pictures in this post celebrate weight-training achievement.

The three books shown here under the general title of ‘Living the Dream’ chart best friends, gay love, gym workouts, acrobatics for the circus and a heap of adventure and misadventure. Click on the covers for more information. Also available as e-books through the usual outlets.

Hmmm. Another doggy sharing the fun!

(Coming soon [end-October?] – cast out from his community, a gay native American boy and his spirit guide embark on a life-changing journey. Pre-order from your bookseller by quoting ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1 [Vanguard Press])



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  1. Greg says:

    Tough looking teen muscle studs. These muscular teens need to wrestle and find out who is the toughest alpha male warrior and dominant stud on the mats, or in the ring or cage. Having a muscular body is impressive, but it is more impressive to know how to use it and dominate other teen muscle studs.

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