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I thank my good friend Roman in Vienna for sharing that! I have never made any secret of the fact that the true purpose of this blog is to sell books. Books celebrating gay love, prowess in the gym, circus work and adventures associated with that. And then, coming at the end of next month (or thereabouts) a novel woven around a guy who briefly crossed our path but otherwise is total fiction, Let The Future Find Me.

Yes, it is NOT embarrassing to read an actual book. In my case, an e-book is also possible for all four titles, but actual paper in your hand brings an extra dimension to the experience! Give it a try!

For the first three, just click on the cover for a link to the publisher or find the e-books in the usual places. For book four, you can pre-order using the ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1 (Vanguard Press).

I was on public transport recently (I don’t tell you everything I do here!) and I can confirm that about one third of people were reading actual books or newspapers rather than fiddling with phones or i-pads. To an author, that’s encouraging!

Shortly I’ll share with you a few extracts from Let The Future Find Me to whet your appetite.

Meanwhile, the secondary role of this blog is to promote fitness in young guys, so here we go with a new selection of pictures! A focus on the chest and abs today…


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