The Learning Curve Continues

There is an Austrian boy we follow on Instagram, ‘Andy B’, getting down to business with the dumbbells. Good for him.

I broke off the previous post rather suddenly, realising that we had an urgent meeting with the managers of this vacation centre which I had overlooked. An important step forward, as it happens.

This place in which we find ourselves resident and playing key roles in gym management, fitness sessions and evening shows, was set up under strict Portuguese planning rules. It caters both for families, on the one hand, and adult couples and groups of assorted sexualities on the other, essentially keeping the two groups apart. It also offers all visitors the option to enjoy naturism, which I would say about 35% of the visitors take up. However, because of that, and its tolerance of GLBTQ+ (etc) partnerships, it has been to keep ‘control’ over what goes on and who is party to it. So far, so good.

As a gay couple, Dave and I can surely sign on to that. However, the reality is of course that an increasing number of local folks work here, in all sorts of capacities. Dave and I are among the very few employees who actually live on site: local people have local homes to go to. So pretty much everyone around here knows precisely what the place caters for, and we would be the first to say that it is managing its responsibilities very well  and offending no-one.

There have been several potential issues, though – not least some of the more active local folks wanting to partake of the facilities – pools, gyms particularly – themselves. Anyone who works here can do  that anyway, so it is a question only of friends, family etc. having reasonable access as well, and having a system where they can be admitted and pay something for the use of the facilities. The management started out with a mindset that any visitor had to be sworn to silence… I think the Russian influence in management had something to be done to that. But nothing illegal happens here, so far as we know!

The issue involving ourselves relates to the lusty lads led by employees Alfredo and Seb, our gym co-hosts ad latterly showbiz partners too, whose local “fight club” lads (plus a few girls) welcomed us into their beach fight nights and made a pitch to get access to our gyms. Initially the response was ‘no, this place is private’ but now, with the general relaxation that has set in, the management has relented after discussing it with Dave and I the other night. A limited number of local young fitness enthusiasts will now be welcomed (for a small fee each time – fair enough) to use the gym facilities at a specified time twice a week when demand from the ‘inmates’ is at its lowest. The deal is that Dave and I are responsible for them while they are on site – fair enough, we’ll do that – and it will be on non-show nights since we cannot be in two places at once. The timing will coincide with dinner, when very few people seem to want gym facilities.

A lot of happy people, now. They won’t be able to get access directly – we have to let them in – and out. A bit of a bind, but its all in the spirit of developing youthful fitness, so why not? And, please remember as you scroll through this blog, that although the majority of pictures of indeed on ‘youth’ fitness still counts when you’re in your eighties and most definitely prolongs life. In five year’s time, we’ll be halfway to that particular goal… awful thought! Probably not still doing handstands then, either!

But who knows. We have followers here who are doing regular weights sessions in their late 70s and early 80s. We know of guys still doing quite skilful gymnastics moves at the same age.


And, with that, more pictures and some book opportunities follow. The books offer insights into our own fitness history, along with circus work and assorted adventures. Not to mention the ‘gay’ bit, but you don’t have to be gay to read. Just be understanding that there is an alternative to boy/girl relationships which some of us find natural.


This book will be published by Vanguard Press on 26th October…

…order your copy now! ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1

Now – you’ve been in the gym, right? Go check out a few of your own pictures, and send them in!



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2 Responses to The Learning Curve Continues

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Sounds like the place is jumping. How do you manage your time? It sounds like time manages you.

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