Winding Down a Bit, with Added Gymnastics!

More than one correspondent has pointed out that “perhaps you’re trying to do a bit too much.” Well, they’re right, and we’re looking forward to our forthcoming break once Alfredo and Seb return (it is a coincidence that they’re both off at the same time, and one we maybe should have avoided. Management lesson #341…!).

However, our appearance in shows while they’re away is low key (they are part of our ‘act’ now), and that will continue, with visiting ‘artists’ replacing us, until we have returned as well. Although ‘return’ is probably not the word, since we’ll continue to live here but take a few trips around some more of Portugal we haven’t seen yet. Oh, except for the book launch (grin from Dave.. “self-inflicted injury!” – quite).

Pause to mention book launch once again. LET THE FUTURE FIND ME: ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1 [Vanguard Press] – available 26th October. Another extract next time.

OK. There are slightly fewer people here now than in the high summer, which takes the pressure off a bit. Assisting people with their weights training is still fun, and getting in our own training during the day rather than having to do it all before 7 in the morning is a nice change from “the old days”. But still missing coaching gymnastics – the nearest decent club to here is actually in Spain, and there is the small issue of a language barrier to be overcome if we were to be in any way effective. And possibly a civil war, although Catalonia is the other side of the country! Anyway, time will tell…

…and a few gymnastics pictures here to get us going will help!

We seem to be getting a lot of Nile Wilson here: but then you can’t have too much of a great British gymnast!


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4 Responses to Winding Down a Bit, with Added Gymnastics!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I must admit that I miss the naked, barefoot gymnasts. Also, how is everyone in Tennessee? I heard hurricane remnants hit Tennessee. Fun in the rain?

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  3. ncringo2 says:

    awesome set of pics on that post. thanks!

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