Oh… Ophelia!

The amazing run of continuous blue skies and wall-to-wall sunshine which we have enjoyed here in the Eastern Algarve may be about to come to a sudden end. We have just had an official warning that a hurricane – Ophelia – instead of heading for the US as normal is on course for the Iberian Peninsula… and then on up the western side of the British Isles! This, we understand, is an extremely rare event here, and everyone is watching the updating weather predictions with some anxiety. At the moment, it seems that will hit further up the Atlantic coast of Portugal, but we have been asked to make sure everything is well secured by the weekend, just in case really high winds do strike. Any rain would probably be welcome – resources are getting pretty thin in the water department…

But, meanwhile, the sun continues, with temperatures headed up to the high 20s (C) 80s (F)!

…and everyone here will be continuing to make the most of it…

…doing what they need to do…

We noticed this next image with interest – even in the cities, with space at a premium and with high rise buildings, outdoor fitness facilities are becoming quite common:

For those of you not so well endowed with sun, this is all maybe too much. Someone asked how our colleagues back in TN faired with the tail end of Irma… the answer was, in their eastern part of the state, it just got a bit wet and windy. Enough to drive everyone to do their workouts indoors…

Workout done and weather not too good? Time to chill out with a book on some of our favourite themes, then…

…or with the forthcoming take of a Native American boy trapped by his sexuality into walking out of the life he knows into the great unknown wider world…

…and then to enjoy the remaining pictures of great workout results!


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3 Responses to Oh… Ophelia!

  1. Greg says:

    Amazing teen muscle studs. want to see more of these tough muscle teens in wrestling. It is important to look good, but even better if you know how to use those muscles to show who is the toughest alpha muscle stud. Like to see some of them in wrestling matches or maybe MMA fights. Excellent photos. Thanks

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