Ophelia Passes Us By

When I posted my previous, we were on hurricane warning here in the Eastern Algarve. It never happened, thank goodness, and we have yet another sparkling sunny day. The jet stream scooped her up and drove her north – straight towards our place in Wales! That’s the new thing to worry about – we’ll see happens on Monday night I guess. But its the folks in Ireland that are set for the wildest weather, followed by the western isles off Scotland’s Atlantic coast.

Here, we’ll potter on as normal, offering you some inspirational fitness images to enjoy with your Sunday lunch (or whatever you do). And remind you of my forthcoming fourth book – mercifully (one might say) shorter than the first two!

But first, let’s enjoy… a possible confrontation! Nah, I’m sure they’re best mates really…

…although it could lead to…

…which is, of course, huge fun…

But, probably, it is more likely to lead to…

…which to me looks like a bit more of a love in than a fight! After all, what do we gay guys most enjoy?

And, second to that, probably, the gym!

So let’s have a few serious workout results:

Just a quick pause here to take stock of what is in the books:

The first three chart our discovery of gay love, our launch into professional acrobatics and circus and the adventures and misadventures that produced. Let The Future Find Me, published on 26th October, follows the uncertain journey of an orphaned Native American boy cast out of his community for exhibiting gay tendencies, and the subsequent pursuit of his love. All can be found as e-books as well, although I commend the feel of an actual paper book. The ISBN details for ordering are given here and you can also click on the covers for links.

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Let The Future Find Me: ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1

A little teaser from Let The Future Find Me:

Three Rivers sat on the trailer step in the moonlight, thinking. The circus camping area was set up rather like the old days of his tribe, the wagons more or less forming a defensive circle around the shared facilities. The area was silent now, and seemingly deserted. The entire company, except for Noa and Cara, should be asleep. The desire to use the knife was even stronger now: voices in his head, vaguely familiar but not heard for a long time, were urging him on. He pressed the point of the knife against his skin, unconsciously adjusting the angle to make sure that the entry would be clean, drew a deep breath, muttered a few words of his native tongue to himself, and eased the blade deep into his stomach. Barely any further sound passed his lips.

            Out of the darkness, looking on from behind a nearby van, a voice that the boy did not hear in his trance-like state, said ‘Fuckin’ hell!’ And Jed turned away from the sight and loped back across toward his own, unkempt, trailer.

For the context of that, and of previous quotes… get the book!

And now – on with the show! Whenever possible, do it with a friend! Whether it be just showing off…

…or showing off with a bit of skill thrown in…

And a whole group of fitness-minded friends is even better!

Yes, make sure that you enjoy the great outdoors as well as the confines of the gym! Here on the Portuguese coast we’re in the sea most days!

Not completely sure what they are doing or where they are, but it looks like the sort of summer camp we’ve been working in the past two summers.

Back in the gym, just having someone else available to spot your weights is both desirable and kewl!

On another front, we’re looking forward to entertaining two of our great mates from over the pond shortly: we’ve secured jobs for them here for a couple of months at least if they like it. And, as Tuan Jie devotees (one of them started it for us – check the old post or the books!! ), that means we shall be in for some serious gay fun! More about this turn of events next time.

And finally – a line up of possible fun from these models in their jeans. Well, almost all in their jeans… bye for now!



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