Beyond Weird (And a Bit of Weather)

I thought that I would start off with something a bit eye-catching. Just for a change.

Since Hurricane Ophelia passed us by and headed for Ireland and the UK, I have been in touch with my parents who decided to go down to our place in Wales and batten down the hatches for us. Right now, it’s rather windy but also sunny intervals, as Ireland gets an extreme battering along with the western tips of Wales. However, apparently, this morning was just downright weird.

When they got up, it was still pretty much dark when it should have been light. Not a breath of wind, just a warm clammy atmosphere – almost as hot as mid summer. Everything appeared yellow. And, when the sun rose high enough over the ridge of hills to east of our place, it was barely visible through thick high cloud and was deep red. The UK TV is saying that this was due to smoke from forest fires here in Portugal plus dust from the Sahara, driven up north by the force of Ophelia’s winds.

So pretty crazy weather all around – not to mention the wildfires in California. And we have the people of Ireland, California and the north of Portugal in mind as we are thankful that ‘Cefn Derwen’ appears to have missed the worst of the storm.

Notice I put that name I quotes. I’ve just had to admit to a friend who went in search that it is not the real name. After all, we don’t want hoards of fans seeking out our little private home (if only!!). But, discretion being the better part of valour (or something) I decided to disguise it (in Welsh) after our former home in Oak Ridge TN – a sort of ‘in joke’ that one or two readers of my books might appreciate.

Or not. Just enjoy the pictures then, with some really good news (for us at least) to follow (actually, this next picture is a bit weird, too):

…whereas this is just FUN:

So is this, in its way, but needs a bit of practice:

OK – back to normal now. Just some good results from the gym:

Just a little reminder now of why we’re here:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Let The Future Find Me: ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1 

The fourth of those books is out on 26th October and is the tale of a cast-out gay Native American, guided on a quest into the unknown by largely spiritual influences (good and evil) and a desire to find his true love.

Which introduces the subject of Zach. Not my ‘true love’ – that’s Dave, obviously – but one of them. One of the “gang of four” initially that chose to follow his advice and avoid any risk of sexually transmitted disease in our gay lifestyle by closing ranks and keeping it always ‘within the group’. His idea: his name – Tuan Jie – a group which has grown to ten (plus ‘the one who got away’, our good friend Richard, who subsequently found true monogamous love with CJ in Florida).  Since being in Portugal, Dave and I have certainly “enjoyed” our own company while deeply missing our former Tuan Jie mates. And then a wonderful opportunity came up. The masseur (from Russia) decided to quit.

That’s what Zach has done for the last 20 years, and he’s damn good at it. He was also in the group that introduced Dave and I to professional-standard acrobatics. He’s agreed to come over “for up to two months” to cover the masseur vacancy here at the vacation centre and, even better, his soul mate Gary, who has been unhappily back as a bank employee for the last eighteen months (‘I need the money’), is coming too. His days in a business suit, his evenings and weekends training kung fu. Every atom of Gary’s body is rock hard… and they both performed regularly with us for years – and will do so here. Gary’s the guy who can balance on his stomach on a single spear point. He says he’ll stay four weeks (he’s due that much vacation anyway) …‘and I might not go back!’

So we’re going to have guys we can share ourselves with, living in an adjacent apartment and sharing ours and our roof terrace, working for the same organisation as us and appearing in shows with us.  What’s not to like?

Not entirely a surprise for us, since as soon as the impending vacancy came to our attention, we’ve been working on everyone involved! And, “on balance”, the best news we’ve had for a long time. On which subject…

I suppose it is a bit weird to do handstands in a subway car… but why not train on a train?…

…but wait. He’s cheating! his knees are hooked over the handrail! And he has a TAIL hanging out of he back of his shorts!! Beyond weird!!


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1 Response to Beyond Weird (And a Bit of Weather)

  1. Platinumboy says:

    In defense of the young man in the last photo: The car looks like the 5000 series train car manufactured by Bombardier rail car manufacturer (direct descendant of the famous and infamous Pullman Palace Car Company). The ceiling/roof of the train is far too low for a person of adult height to keep his legs straight while handstanding on the seat. If he had taken the greater challenge of handstanding in the aisle, he might have made the full handstand. The motion of the train probably would have knocked him down, but the challenge might be worth it!

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