Getting to Know Lisbon Airport!

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Phew – what a weekend! Dave and I have had time off and for the past few days we have been touring around northern Portugal in our elderly but neat little car. It’s quite a small country (by comparison with Tennessee or even the UK) but we seem to have managed to clock up hundreds of miles.

Friday evening we fetched up in Lisbon airport: me to fly briefly to UK for a family celebration and to sign some books (more on that in a moment) while Dave went off to find himself a room for two nights so that he could explore Lisbon on Saturday. And my flight to London was delayed two hours. So I learned quite a bit about every nook and cranny of the departures side of Lisbon airport!

I was due to fly back very early on Sunday morning, and duly turned up at Heathrow to do so – only to be delayed by more than an hour. So this time, Dave was moping around the arrivals side of Lisbon airport waiting for me.

And then we needed to wait for Zach and Gary to arrive (see previous post). And, thanks to a delayed connection, they were five hours late! So now we both know every nook and cranny of the arrivals side of Lisbon airport – in fact, we could probably get jobs as airport information staff!

Finally, Zach and Gary emerged. So long since we saw any of our Tuan Jie colleagues, it would be the understatement of the year to say that it was worth the wait!

These are guys with whom we can – ahem – ‘fully interact’. Relatively soon after Dave and I had explored what gay love fully means, back in the day, it was Zach who took on the ‘older brother’ role of ensuring that our entry into the world of gay sex was safe and would remain so. Whereupon he became our ‘first conquest’, as it were.

You can read about that ‘conquest’ and much, much more in my first three books. Book four – entirely fiction but based upon a real guy we once met – is published at the end of this week and I was able to sign a few copies for the publisher during my exceedingly hasty trip to London and Oxford on Saturday. Those folks who are expecting signed copies back in UK should receive them from someone  – either direct from the publisher or forwarded by my family – not sure how that is going to work, so the package could come from anywhere! Links to all four books can be found by clicking on their covers, and all should also be available as e-books through the usual channels. Hope you can enjoy!

Here are the ISBNs, if you are willing to support your local bookseller (as you should!):

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Let The Future Find Me: ISBN 978-1-784653-23-1

The boys qualify for their own apartment here since Zach is going to be the new masseur for a while and both of them will be taking part in shows with us. For that, we have a great deal of rehearsal to get stuck into because we haven’t worked together for several months. However, everyone has been training – us here though our regular shows and Zach and Gary with our friends back in TN. It was quite a squeeze with four of us and all our luggage in our little car on the way back down here – Gary brought his special kung fu equipment (stomach balance etc) which in itself is quite a tidy size when packed up. But we made it.

They may have their own apartment, but obviously will be spending a great deal of time in ours! Especially as we a large roof terrace with our private fitness equipment! As well as exploring the region. Gary looks set to get daytime employment here too, starting off as a spare lifeguard while some of the regulars take after-season breaks.

So we’re all set for a fine, fun time. Exactly how long they will stay we’re not sure. Gary is supposed to return to his bank job in four weeks, but is thinking of resigning already. But we know they will inevitably be going back to USA in the end: we’re now working on getting Ethan and Jack over here as performers in the New Year. They’re currently doing a show in the Toronto area because Jack’s father is very ill and he needs to be close at hand to support his mum.

But enough potentially boring twaddle from me. On with the show…

I’ve just been watching Zach give his first massage – to one of the senior managers! Checking him out, I guess. The boards are back out encouraging the punters to sign up for sessions – Zach will get a basic salary plus a percentage of every client fee, just as our personal training works. No-one seems to mind his customary barefoot vest and shorts style – in fact the guy said ‘I thought you’de have the vest off, like your mates always do!’ Zach has yet to experience the full-on naturism in parts of this site because the weather has been somewhat cool and windy (by our standards) – but the thermometer is heading back to high 70s F (25C) this afternoon, so they’ll be out in force! Gary has taken the car to explore the nearest town (Tavira) and our acrobatic training rehearsals start at 4pm. Busy, busy…

…meanwhile, I have some enthusiastic youngsters to supervise (it is school half term in a number of European countries this week). Fun, fun…





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