Card Tricks

Back down to earth after PUBLICATION DAY – and the ‘fun’ continues! Random fit guys today, all enjoying what they do!

We have had a strange episode of the chip cards issued to our guests here suddenly appearing to stop working. They open the door of your apartment and are also used for all on-site purchases – everything is added to your account at the end of your stay. Except that a whole bunch of them stopped opening the apartment doors.

They are blank, for security. When checked at the desk, they were all found to be coded for a different apartment. Puzzlement.

Then a common factor emerged. All their owners had been taking advantage of the ‘clothes-free’ pool in our ‘family’ side of the complex. Most people arriving there have a habit of just shucking their shorts and shoes by a bush or under a hedge or on a bench, often dropping their cards on top since they are going to swim naked, not thinking that to be a security issue since the cards carry no ID about which apartment they serve…

There are no surveillance cameras in the clothes-free area – deliberately. The outfit is not in the business of voyeurism and folks on holiday do not need to feel inhibited but should be ‘happy in their skin’. The pool lifeguards were asked to keep an eye open, and suspicion fell on a group of kids that were mucking about and thought to be swopping the cards around. However, on that day, no cards were switched, so there was no proof.

Then, this week, things took a turn for the worse. Cards were being switched around again, and some of the discarded speedos or shorts were disappearing altogether, leaving their owners in an uncomfortable situation since their apartments are NOT in a ‘clothes-optional’ zone (on the adult side of the complex, they are, but few seem to take advantage).

Now we know. All down to a middle-aged man here on his own. He was basically caught in the act and escorted to his apartment, where a collection of missing clothing was recovered. He was then invited to pack before being escorted from the premises. The switching of cards was a try-on to see if he would get caught, apparently.

There are, it seems, some strange people around. This is apparently the first experience here: since nothing apart from small clothing items was taken, the management chose not to involve the authorities, which is probably for the best. It does show the value of apartment keycards not carrying any identity of which apartment they are for. Let’s hope that the ‘victims’ don’t go spreading bad stuff about the place to their friends and colleagues. The motto of the place, such as it is, is basically saying ‘let’s all get along’, and 99% of the time, it works.

We are certainly ‘getting along’ right now. Not just Dave and I, but our old mates Zach and Gary who are here for a while. Zach doing a roaring massage trade (more in the next post) and Gary now officially on the staff with kids fitness groups and loving it. And all of us doing the shows in the evening. All Tuan Jie . All catching up on our ‘caring and sharing’ gay times! Nice Algarve weather continues! What’s not to like??





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