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Should one come to our current outpost in Portugal to ‘lounge in the sun’ or to ‘get fit in the sun’? Initially being marketed as the latter amongst those parts of Russian and Nordic society likely to respond to such opportunities in a warmer climate, we noticed that during high summer, it was much more ‘stretch out in the sun and do nothing except dip in the pool occasionally’! Not that there’s anything wrong with ‘lounging around’ in the pool, of course…

Not that we were underemployed in our role as gym managers, though. Plenty of folks seeking guidance on exercise, especially those feeling ever-so-slightly embarrassed by their bodies alongside the street-workout people and other fitness factions!

(The Bambi there signifies Pat JE’s daily offering of fit lads on his Bambiboyz site – links at the bottom of the page)

Since Zach arrived to do a stint as resident masseur, interest in that aspect of body management has rocketed, especially among the ladies (his regular clientele back in Tennessee were middle-aged ladies) and among the younger gay guys who come here to the adult-only half of the complex. So we’ve introduced an optional body-management session lasting near half a day for anyone that wants to sign up, and its going really well.

It starts with an accompanied run, three laps of whichever half of the place they’re in, to assess general fitness. Any one of Dave, Gary, Alfredo, Seb or I. Lap 1 – barely more than a walk, lap 2 a steady run, lap 3 pushing to asses endurance. Then we send them to the pool to do some reasonably hard swimming (if they can) under the watchful gaze of the pool staff. That then serves as a warm-up for an hour-long supervised weights/bodyweight workout (Dave, Gary or I) followed by sauna (up to 30 mins), plunge pool, quick shower off and dry and then on Zach’s table for up to 30 minutes. After that, we encourage another gentle swim followed by some serious sun lounging!

Depending on the client’s response, Zach may well use a little oil, and may use feet as well has hands (he’s really good with his feet, I can tell you!)

Yes, those toes kneading my tired shoulder muscles… sorry, no pic of that!

Anyway, all is going well. Management have congratulated us on our recommendation to replace the fierce Russian lady masseur (I can’t spell the female version this morning!) and would love for Zach to stay on permanently, but I doubt that will happen, although he will most certainly be invited back on a regular basis.

OK, back to random fitness pics now – but, first, a note that the NEW BOOK now has it’s own web page and you can access it by clicking on this cover image!

The blurb mis-describes me a little bit, through sub-editing, making me sound like some sort of high-tech engineer because I originally invented the term ‘sports technology’ as a posh way of describing setting up and running a gym, but no matter: the description of the book is accurate and the button to click on to buy it will serve the purpose well! As long as they don’t regard me as an engineer here and expect me to fix malfunctioning pool pumps or something…

And so to the remaining pictures for today: enjoy.

I do wish that guys wouldn’t stick out their tongues when being photographed…

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